Lots of Pets and Friends Weekend Round Up

Whew, do I feel like I didn’t sit still this weekend. Or since Wednesday, really. We’ve done tons of awesome things and have seen tons of friends, so I have no complaints. I’m ready for my Labor Day 5-day weekend now though… And I realized at the end of the weekend that I had taken pics of myself with more than one of my friends’ pets. This is my life.

Wednesday we did Vermilon for Restaurant Week. It was fantastic. That post will be up this week. Thursday we went over to SIL and BIL’s place in Falls Church and visited with Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in from out of town. SIL and BIL live in a basically new building with an awesome courtyard/patio area, badass grills, and a gas fireplace. I’ve decided to move in with them now.

Friday night, we grabbed a quick dinner at District Taco. Always delightful. I absolutely cannot wait until they open their Old Town location. I’m pretty sure I’ll just live there.


After dinner, we headed to our first Bookalokal class, Home Bartending Basics w/ Marshall.



It was fantastic. We learned a lot about mixing, stirring, and bartending history.  He also hooked us up with all the bar tools we need to get started. We already had most of them, and the lady and I got duplicates, sooo we are flush with bar tools. Anyone need bar tools? No, really. That post will also be up this week.

Saturday started with a little bit of dog-sitting and dog-selfie-ing. LOOK AT THIS CUTIE. This is Jack. Also, feel free to ignore my bed head. I had a lot of fun hanging out with this guy. His parents are lucky I didn’t commit some dognap.


After that overdose of cute, I took a leisurely walk into Old Town to Killer ESP with my trainer/neighbor for tea and catch up time. The weather was perfect for the 2.5 mile walk. And I managed to resist eating pie while I was there.

When I got back, the lady and I swung by Pork Barrel BBQ  for some lunch and then spent about an hour sitting down hanging out with the cats. It was the only sitting I really did all of Saturday.

After that brief break, it was time for a cookout at a college friend’s house in celebration of another college friend being in from out of town. We stuck around there for a couple of hours catching up with other various alumnae. I really love that DC is the type of place where a bunch of my college friends have settled, and that the ones who didn’t, end up here for various events and visits on the regular.

We didn’t get to see the cookout through until the end, because we had plans with another college friend who was in from out of town! She and her lady had come up to visit with some of her lady’s friends and catch a Washington Spirit game. We went to a Spirit game last year and totally meant to get to more of them this season. We didn’t succeed but I still highly recommend the games. They’re affordable, the stadium is small, so there’s not a bad seat in the house, and the beer is super cheap. They do play up in Germantown, MD, but the drive is worth it.


Sunday was a little bit less hectic. We started with a brunch at The Arsenal at Bluejacket w/ some of our favorite brunching partners, one of my Roanoke friends and her bf. Again, the Arsenal didn’t disappoint. I had the French Toast w/ peaches, creme fraiche, and bacon. It may have been the best french toast I’ve ever had. The beers I tried were good, but I wish they had had some sort of summery fruity beer.

Sunday evening, we had plans to visit with yet another college friend, her partner, and their new dog, Pickle! They brought Pickle home the day after we brought Teddy home. So, I basically fell in love with him via Instagram the week before we met him.



Pickle wasn’t quite as good at the selfie as Jack. But these photos are hilarious.

This weekend really had us wondering why we decided on a 2nd cat rather than a dog. Whatever, we ordered some pizza from Lost Dog Cafe, had it delivered (Side note: Lost Dog is ALSO opening up an Old Town/Del Ray location. I love that my faves are coming to me. I can’t wait to be able to have Lost Dog delivered), and spent the evening drinking wine and hanging out with our friends and the pup. It was a perfect way to end our very busy, but very fun weekend.


Lake Anna + New Kitty Weekend Round Up

This weekend we escaped down to Lake Anna, VA for a 24 hour mini-vacation. The lady’s brother-in-law’s family has a house right on the lake and they invited us to join them this weekend. After having met BIL’s family during the wedding, I was looking forward to getting to spend some less-hectic time with them.

Friday night, we had some tentative plans to go out and about, but instead decided to stay (VERY) close to home and visit an old favorite, Vaso’s Kitchen. It’s a Greek restaurant that reminds me so much of the one that I worked at in college. And it’s only like 5 blocks from our apartment. That post will be up later this week.

We drove down to the lake early on Saturday morning. We had hoped to beat some of the traffic on 95, but were not so lucky. A trip that should have taken 1.5 hours took just over 2. Not too bad, I suppose.

photo 1

We met the lady’s sisters there and spent the morning on the dock  sunning ourselves, swimming, playing with the dogs, and waiting for everyone else to arrive.

The family trickled in slowly. Once most everyone was there, we all piled into the boat and went tubing! The kind where your tube is being pulled by the boat, rather than the leisurely drift. It was my first time doing any sort of boat-powered water sport. I was sort of nervous, but it ended up being a lot of fun! I didn’t drown and got minimal water up my nose! Success. I was (and still am) a little sore. Really gotta work on my shoulders and core a little bit!


After boat fun, we were treated to an awesome dinner by the in-law parents and spent the evening relaxing in the house. I meant to get back down to the dock after dark to catch a glimpse of the stars, but never made it. We were all in bed by like 9:30.

The next morning, I took my coffee down to the dock and enjoyed a few minutes of the absolute silence of nature in the morning. The water was calm and everything was fresh and dewy. Those few minutes were what made it feel most like vacation.

photo 2

I wandered back up to the house and thoroughly enjoyed a pancake breakfast provided again by in-law parents. Once everyone was awake, we again piled into the boat, this time for the wakeboarding/water skiing. I wasn’t feeling brave enough for that just yet. Although, after watching several people not die or be maimed, I think I’ll be willing to give it a shot next time. It was nice to get to hang out and ride around the lake on the boat.

photo 3

Once we got back to the house, we packed up our things and headed back toward home. I would have liked to stay to spend a little but more time with the family, but we had a new cat to finally bring home from the shelter! So we raced home, got everything set up, said hello to the current cat, and giddily drove down to the shelter. We had quite the time getting our new guy into the carrier and I have the scratches to prove it. But! We did and finally got him home. Now we’re just going through the arduous and patience-requiring process of acclimating everyone to a two-cat household. Let’s just hope it goes smoothly and everyone is eventually happy with the new situation.

photo 4

No one felt like cooking and we didn’t think it wise to leave the apt for too long to go out to eat on Sunday, so we just picked up sushi from Momo for dinner. Always a delicious idea.

So now, back to the grindstone! A super busy week ahead! Dinner at Vermilion for Restaurant Week, visiting with some family who will be in from out of in town, attending our first Bookalokal event:  Home Bartending Basics , and a weekend chocked full of events. It’s going to be awesome, but I’m already ready for a nap!

Cat Lady Weekend Round Up

After a very busy go-and-do vacation and a really ridiculous week of work for me, we decided to take it easy this weekend. We focused a little more on the home front and a little bit less on exploring, but we still had an adventure or two!

There was one big life event that wasn’t related to food at all. We adopted a second cat! And as soon as I signed his paperwork on Friday night, I morphed into an even crazier cat lady than I already was and spent all weekend posting pics of him all over social media. He comes home next Sunday. Until then, we keep going back to the shelter (King Street Cats, where we also volunteer) to visit with him and take more pictures. I mean, just look at him!

photo 2

And as a shameless plug, if you’re looking to add a feline friend to your family, I can’t recommend King Street Cats enough. We’re in about twice per month to clean and love on the cats, and I just can never get over how many amazing cats come through. It’s actually really surprising that it took us 8 months before we finally scooped one up for ourselves.

Any other cat lovers here? Do you guys just think I’m crazy now because I’m talking about cats on my food and drink blog? Food was involved! We celebrated his adoption with a late dinner at nearby Sweet Fire Donna’s. It was every bit as delicious as its sister restaurant,  Pork Barrel BBQ in Del Ray. The bread pudding was AMAZING.


Saturday morning, we decided to brave the Mason Dixie Biscuit Company Pop Up at Dolcezza Factory. After spending a week in Asheville just eating biscuits whenever possible,  it seemed meant to be that there was a special biscuit event happening within a week of our return. It was about as hectic and patience-requiring as you might expect the first day of a pop up to be, but those were some damn good biscuits with exceedingly friendly service. That post will be up later this week.

photo 1


Saturday evening was spent with some friends while they dog sat (and themselves also just adopted a dog! Yay, rescuing shelter animals!) cooking out, hanging out, and watching kitten/puppy cams while we wait for our new pets to come home. Yeah, we partied really hard this weekend.


On Sunday, I slept in! I stayed in bed until like 9:30! Which is absurd for me. The only real reason we left the house was because the lady was starving. I decided that I was in the mood for Indian food, so we headed to Shakthi South Asian Cuisine in Arlandria. They replaced our favorite Thai restaurant in that location, and so far have not disappointed us. We had the lunch buffet, so we were able to try a few different things. Yum!

We didn’t do much of note for the rest of the day. And despite not doing much, I still didn’t really feel like cooking, so we indulged ourselves in one of our favorites. Pizzeria Paradiso! We had the special Cherry Bomb Pizza, which was a white pizza with cherries, chicken sausage, red onion, and I think, feta. I love fruit on pizza, but I’m not sure I would have ever thought to use cherries. Mental note for our next at-home pizza night.

photo 4


This weekend didn’t make for a terribly exciting  weekend round up post, but it certainly was nice to have a low key couple of days before jumping back into crazy times at work. And now Monday has arrived. Back to the grind!

Beginning of Vacation Weekend Round Up

My brain started switching into vacation mode on about Wednesday last week. I’ve found myself to occasionally be really cranky about having to be at work and do my job for about the past 3 weeks. It is time to head south to Asheville, NC and enjoy nature and a slower pace.

I only had a few things left to wrap up on Friday, so I thought it would be nice to take advantage of Bullfrog Bagels pop up being active and make a stop there before work to pick up some bagels for a the lady, myself, and a couple of co-workers. We got to CakeLove a little early to pick up the bagels, so we wandered to The Wydown to grab some coffee. As soon as we stepped into the space, I wished that I could just spend the whole day there by their big open sliding door.


We sat for a bit and enjoyed the coffee, cool air, and morning sun. It was a great start to the morning. Bonus: they spelled my name correctly on the cup.



We swung back by, and  picked up our bagels. I neglected to get a picture of the actual bagels, but they were still hard at work baking them when we picked ours up.


The lady and I split up and headed to our respective workplaces. I bagel-fairy’ed, and then sat down to my fresh, still-warm, DELICIOUS, bagel. I’m kind of sad I’ll be out of town for the rest of the duration of the pop-up.

For lunch, I made plans with a friend for at El Centro. That’s always wonderful and certainly helped the work day pass more quickly.

After work, the lady and I made plans to try somewhere new for dinner and visit an old favorite before we left down. We grabbed dinner at SUNdeVICH. I was not the slightest bit hungry after my late lunch at El Centro, but the sandwiches were good! I definitely want to get back there soon.



After dinner, we strolled to Mockingbird Hill to see our friends there. It had been a couple of weeks, so we wanted to make a trip before we skipped town for a week. While we were walking, I texted a friend who lives in the neighborhood and she agreed to join us there. Unexpected hangouts are one of my very favorite things.



We had a couple of drinks and called it a relatively early night. We had to get home and get laundry started so we could pack for our trip!

On Saturday morning, I met up with a co-worker who was staying in Old Town for the weekend, for coffee at Waterfront Market.


We sat on their outdoor patio and enjoyed the sun and all the various doggies that wandered past. I mentioned that I needed to run up to the Farmer’s Market to pick up a watermelon for a cookout later in the day. Co-worker readily joined me due to the number dogs she saw there when we walked past to meet me for coffee. We made the loop, snacked on some samples, and I grabbed a nice 14lb watermelon.

When I got back to the apt from my coffee date and watermelon purchase, the lady and I hopped in the car and headed up to Glover Park for brunch at Slate Wine Bar. We had purchased a deal on Gilt.com for their prix fixe brunch for 2 with bottomless drinks, and figured the day before vacation was as good as any to redeem it.

I realized after I had placed my order that I basically ordered dessert for all 3 courses. It’s ok, I started with a bloody mary (a very strong one) to balance out all the sweet. That post will be up eventually.

After brunch, there was a little bit of laundry, a little bit of packing, and a little bit of napping. We woke up from our naps to head to a cookout. A high school friend of mine lives with her boyfriend less than 10 minutes from us. It’s so crazy to me that we ended up so close to each other 250 miles from home (via Canada, for her!). Our apt is closer to her house than our parents houses were in the small town we grew up in. Catching up with a friend from home was a great way to ease into our southern vacation. There were southern accents, country music, and chat about home.

Sunday morning we got out of bed, got ready, and headed toward the first stop of our vacation: Roanoke! Rather than doing the full 8-hour trip in one day, we’re splitting it in half. We may as well! My parents are here and it’s pretty much directly in the middle. Nice that I’m able to fit in a couple of visits with my parents on either end of the trip.

Monday morning, we’ll be on our way to Asheville! We’re planning to stop in Abingdon, VA for lunch and then onward to our destination. I’m so excited to explore a new city, enjoy the mountains, fresh air, talk to strangers, drink some beer, just get away for a week, and of course share it all on the blog next week. (This week will be a couple of posts that have been backlogged).

Feel free to share any must-sees, dos, hikes, drinks!

Gin Bottlin’ Weekend Round Up

This summer has been characterized by basically going balls to the wall in everything we do. We’ve been filling our time as packed as we possibly can, trying as many new places as meals we can consume, and just going full speed. Well, turns out that is tiring, poor-making, and weight-packing-on. So, we’ve been working on reeling it in. Mostly in the name of saving some $$ and making sure our clothes still fit while we’re on vacation.

I started this weekend on Friday with lunch with Best Boy Friend, P, at i-Thai in Georgetown. Then I hopped over to Logan Circle to get my hair cut, and to Glen’s Garden Market for an afternoon beer with some friends.

The lady met me at Glen’s after work and we headed across the city to NE to New Columbia Distillers to help bottle up delicious Green Hat gin. They send out e-mails every so often asking for volunteers to help bottle. They usually get more interest than available spots, so they run a lottery. This was the first time we’ve been free to help and we just got lucky enough to win the lotto on the first try! Of course I will help bottle my favorite gin in exchange for Gin and Tonics, pizza, and a tour.


I never actually got very good at putting the labels on. Luckily, I only did a couple of cases worth. We rotated between tasks, so everyone got to try out everything. I think most people preferred the excitement of the actual bottling.


Gin cow! Normally the spouts stop when the bottle is full. Occasionally they do not. I’m sure I smelled like I swam around in a pool of gin when we were finished. Good thing we didn’t have any plans after that!

Once we were done bottling, capping, labeling, writing the proof and alcohol content, shrink wrapping and checking the bottles, we were treated to pizza and a tour. I was so tired when we were finished. As it turns out, bottling is a lot of work. It was definitely worth it though! It’s fun to see behind the scenes, learn random stuff about the distillery and the gin, and to meet some other local-gin-lovers. In fact, I met the lovely lady behind District and More! I was pretty shocked to be recognized (glad I’ve posted a couple of pictures of my face!) and also pretty thrilled to be able to tell her that her blog is what most inspired me to start Dine and Drink. I totally connected with her whole moving here, loving it, wanting to constantly keep exploring it, and writing about it. We will go out together soon!

Saturday, I forced myself out of bed and decided that it was in my best interest to get in a good workout. The lady needed to use the car for some errands, so I thought it might be nice to ride my bike to the gym. And you know, since I was already in Old Town, why not reward my workout with a trip to the Farmer’s Market? I’ve really, really been enjoying being able to eat farm-fresh, in season produce this summer. I’m going to be so depressed this winter when tomatoes from the grocery store are mealy and terrible.

After I got back from my ride/workout, the lady and I decided to try the We, The Pizza location in Crystal City. Tasty, as always! I’m glad to have a decent pizza by the slice option nearby. It’s a perfect lunch or cheap dinner. It is across the street from my gym though. So maybe a little dangerous.


Saturday night, we met up with some friends at Penrose Square off of Columbia Pike in Arlington for an outdoor movie. (Near Bob and Edith’s! And Lost Dog!) We got there before our friends, so we popped into Society Fair to grab a coffee and wait on their comfy couches. Every time I’m in the neighborhood, I realize there’s so much over there. I knew TNT Bar existed, but until Saturday, I didn’t know where. We definitely want to get back there. And that’s probably the closest Red Rocks location to us. It threw us all a little off that the movie-viewing area was on slate tiles rather than grass, but we made do with camping chairs and blankets.

We resisted the natural urge to brunch on Sunday in the name household chores and saving money. We headed out of the house at about 4pm to trek up to Silver Spring for a show at The Fillmore. We decided to do dinner before the show at Scion in Silver Spring. It was a really excellent meal, even better than I expected. Everything was delicious! That post will be up soon.

After dinner, we wandered over to The Fillmore to get in line. The last time we were at the venue, we ended up on a spot on the balcony where we weren’t able to see much. The balcony has two levels and is really deep, so if you’re in the wrong place, it sort of sucks. This time, we got a better spot and I was pretty pleased.

I was glad to have a better experience this time, because I wanted to like the venue. Despite it being a sold out show, I didn’t have to wait in line for the bathroom or the bar and getting back downstairs after the show was pretty easy (super wide stairways) too. The only problem I have with it is that it’s located in Silver Spring. Which doesn’t make any sense and is full of Maryland drivers. (I told myself I wouldn’t make a Maryland driver crack in this post, and then I almost got hit in a crosswalk at the end of the night, soooo there’s that. Sorry decent-driving Marylanders.)

This time next week, we’ll be ON VACATION! The countdown begins! Oh god, will I even make it through this week of work?


4th of July, Long Weekend Round Up

This long weekend was exactly what the lady and I needed to finally feel like it’s summer and that life isn’t just flying by. We hit the ground running this summer and haven’t had a chance to stop and breathe and do anything very summery. It just feels like we’re going to turn around and it’s going to be fall.

My weekend basically started at lunch time on Thursday. The co-workers and I decided we should go to lunch at El Centro to kick off the weekend. It was one of the better ideas I’ve had. Delicious and enjoyable time with the co-workers.

The lady and I decided to take it easy Thursday night. We wanted to make sure we got plenty of down time this weekend. I did make my first successful at-home mojito. I have mastered the art of muddling! So tasty, so much work. I had a couple of those and we made it to bed by old lady hours.

Friday morning, I woke up relatively early and took a quick bike ride (in chilly, sort of ominous, misty weather) around the neighborhood to offset some of the debauchery I knew was to come in the name of celebrating the birth of our Nation! The mist and clouds burned off and we hopped on the metro into the city for the Nats game. We popped into Half Street Fairgrounds before the game and gorged ourselves on delicious Surfside tacos from the food truck. Damn, I love Surfside.



We stuck around just long enough to see that the Nats were clearly not into winning this game and decided, as usual, that since we were already on the green line, we clearly needed to pop up to visit our friends at Mockingbird Hill and grab some coffee drinks.

After we thoroughly caffeinated ourselves, we headed back home to relax for a bit before our evening plans. Well, the lady relaxed. I spent a while making cucumber and potato salads and throwing a tiny kitchen dance party. I blame the coffee.

We were then on our way to post up on our friends’ roof off of Columbia Pike in Arlington for drinkin’, eatin’, and watchin’ the fireworks. It was definitely the best view of the DC fireworks we’ve ever had in the 6 years we’ve been here. They weren’t super close, but they were totally unobstructed. And we could see everyone’s illegal fireworks on the horizon. From about the cathedral all the way to just about National Harbour. Awesome.



Saturday morning, I felt surprisingly fine after an evening of celebrating, so I decided to take a bike ride down the Old Town farmer’s market to do most of our produce shopping. This is a routine I could get used to. Between From the Farmer and the farmer’s market, I’m loving eating seasonally and locally. Even if it costs a bit more, it’s so worth it because the food is so much better.




When I got back from the farmer’s market, we threw on our swimsuits, packed a tiny picnic, and spent a few hours lounging by the pool. I think between the fireworks and the pool time, my brain finally registered that it is summer.



We had some general plans to go out Saturday. While sunning ourselves, we decided that that night would finally be the night we made it to Cava Mezze. And after a bit, I realized that Sona Creamery was also in the same neighborhood. Our evening plans were born!

We headed into the city a couple of hours before our dinner reservations to get a glass of wine and a cheese board from Sona. You guys, that place is INCREDIBLE. Awesome cheese plate, super friendly service, cool space (the picture below is a just a small section of the mural on the wall over the bar. The lady noticed this bit and marveled over how awesome it would be to have a cheese tree). We will be back. And that post will be up later this week.



We still had some time to kill before our dinner reservation, so we popped into Hill’s Kitchen so I could finally buy a proper muddler. Mojitos and Mint Juleps are our future! We strolled up and down Barracks Row to remind ourselves what  else is over there that we need to try. I’ll definitely be adding some things to the list and heading back over there soon.

The time finally came. The time to enjoy some really incredible food at Cava Mezze. I’m sad it took us so long to get there in the first place, but I’m glad we finally did. Everything we had was absolutely perfect. That post will be up this week. Mmmm.

Sunday morning started slowly. Neither the lady nor myself got in any hurry to get up and get moving, and it was awesome. As busy as I have to keep myself from feeling bored, I’m starting to appreciate having time to just not do anything. We finally motivated ourselves by mid afternoon and drove up to Riggs Park for Open House Sunday at our friends’ house. There were Mint Juleps while sitting on a porch. Is this even real life? That is the most perfect summer afternoon activity.

We had dinner plans with the SIL and her new husband at Mad Fox back in Falls Church. So, we took a tour back across the city and out to the suburbs. This was the first time we had seen them since the wedding, so it was nice to catch up. While there, we made some tentative plans to head to his family’s lake house soon. Ahhh, summer.

This weekend was confirmation that every weekend needs to be 3 days long. It gave us enough time to do all our responsible adult stuff, hang out with our friends and family, and still fit in a couple of naps. And the weather could not have been any better. A perfect weekend. Can we do it all over again in 5 days?


Longest Day of the Year Weekend Round Up

After a super packed last weekend, and a week of both of us fighting off summer colds, we were a little bit weary of how jammed packed our calendar was this weekend. But life is too short to spend the longest days of the year cooped up inside, so we made the best of it!

On Friday, I cut out of work early for an appointment in Farragut. I got there a little bit early (who am I kidding, I got there 45 minutes early), and spent some time wandering the surrounding blocks. I haven’t spent much time there during the day, but you guys, I think I found where all the food trucks live! I can’t say much yet, but I’m hoping to be spending a little more time exploring that area soon. Fingers crossed!

My appointment was over by 2pm and was free of plans until date night time with the lady. I took advantage of the free afternoon and hollered at my Dupont-dwelling, free-for-the-summer teacher friend for some rare normally-at-work-time hanging out. She was just finishing up lunch with another friend who is lucky enough to escape the typical 9-5. I made the walk from Farragut to her place and swung by Glen’s Garden Market to kill a little time before I met up with them. I checked out their new drafts and saw that they had DuClaw’s Funk, a blueberry citrus wheat beer. I do love my fruity beer, so I had to give it a try. A perfect summer beer! I will be picking up a 6-pack of that and enjoying it outdoors soon. Once I finished my beer, I met up with my friends. We decided that a stop at Pleasant Pops before spending some time lounging in the shade in Meridian Hill Park was the perfect afternoon plan. I really have to figure out a way to have more free weekday afternoons…

Photo courtesy of a friend.


After a couple of hours lazing about and chatting with good company I got a text that the lady was finally free of her work shackles and that she was headed my direction. We threw out lots of options for dinner, but we ultimately decided on Compass Rose. I had my friends drop me off a little bit further down 14th St., but got really excited when we passed Compass Rose and knew that’s what I really wanted. So I walked back up 14th and was able to grab us a seat, since it was so early. That was definitely the best idea I’ve had all week. That post is coming later in the week.

After dinner, we weren’t quite ready to head home. There are so many things on 14th St. that we still haven’t tried yet, so we decided on making a second stop at Red Light. I wasn’t feeling up to drinking, but I was certainly ready for some dessert. We definitely made the right choice there. That post is coming eventually.


We had some grand plans to get up on Saturday and take on the world. A workout! A trip to the Old Town Farmer’s Market! ALL THE ERRANDS! But we both woke up still fighting off the ick. So instead, the lady got up and ran one errand, I blogged a bit, she came home got back in bed and I placed my first Instacart order for our weekly groceries. Our neighbor has been singing the praises of Instacart for a while now and I’m definitely on board! I placed the order while laying in bed in my jammies and just had to answer my door when the groceries arrived. I have to say one of my favorite things about DC is how lazily productive you can be.

After some more rest, we got a second start on our day and hopped on the metro to a friend’s house for an alma mater brunch in Bloomingdale. We spent the afternoon enjoying the company of old college friends and meeting other fellow alumnae. Many mimosas were consumed and hilarious stories told.

We eventually had to peel ourselves off the couch and head down to the Nationals game for the annual game for which my company provides tickets (and matching t-shirts, that we didn’t wear). I didn’t anticipate that it would be a wee bit chilly, but a little bit of a beer jacket on top of my mimosa jacket was fine for as long as we stayed… which was only until about the 6th inning. Always was fun to see my co-workers outside of work.


Sunday morning, I again meant to get up early and CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. But instead I ended up sleeping until like 9:30 (UNHEARD OF for me). We really did not succeed in productivity this weekend. Never the less, we eventually motivated and headed into the city for Birthday Brunch with a friend from back home at Bar Charley! We didn’t go bottomless, but it was still DELICIOUS. That post will also be up later this week.

After brunch, we grabbed some snacks from the store and headed up to Riggs Park for Crabs, Beer, and another birthday celebration, also with college friends and the spouse of a college friend. We spent the whole afternoon lazing about at our friends’ house, picking crabs, drinking beer, playing with Big Bertha, a giant love bug of a 20 lb, cross-eyed cat that our friends’ are fostering (SHE IS UP FOR ADOPTION! from Washington Animal Rescue League.), and watching soccer.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset


We almost decided that we no longer wanted to go to work and that we were just going to live with our friends from that point on, but we ultimately decided to drag ourselves back over the river to prep ourselves for another busy week. I’m so ready for a quiet, relaxing weekend, but I certainly can’t complain about all the quality time we got with so many of our friends this weekend!