Copperwood Tavern (Shirlington)

The lady was the first one who brought Copperwood Tavern to my attention. She had stumbled across it in her efforts to find more VA-based places for us to check out. Then I found the post from Bitches Who Brunch. As if that wasn’t enough, my trainer told me that the caramel moonshine was a must-try. Three mentions put it on the shortlist. So, when the lady and I found ourselves with a free Saturday morning, we made a reservation and headed over to Shirlington.

The outside patio looked really nice, but it was just a touch chilly, so we decided to take a seat inside. I’m glad we did, because the inside of the restaurant is a sight to be seen. Rustic with all sorts of stuff to look at on the walls.

The lady was a bit hungover from our delightful trip to Dram & Grain the night before, so she opted for a soda to drink. I was in a bit better shape, so I went with the mimosa. The cocktail menu looked really tasty, but I wasn’t feeling quite 100%, so I didn’t think that was a good choice. They also brought us some spiced popcorn in a small tin bucket to start.

Everything on the menu looked really good and I had a hard time deciding what to get. Things that stuck out were the the Bananas Foster French Toast, Fried Chicken and Biscuit, and the Shrimp and Grits. I was in the mood for a biscuit, so I settled on the Chicken and Biscuit w/ maple au jus. The lady went with the perfect hangover cure in the Tavern breakfast. Eggs, toast, potatoes, sausage.



Everything was excellent. The biscuit wasn’t as fluffy as I usually like, but it was SO GOOD. And the sweetness of the maple was perfect on the chicken and with the butteriness of the biscuit. The lady’s meal was really great too. We think the toast was the same bread that the “bread fairy” had given to us the night before at Pleasant Pop’s. Whatever the case, it was great for hangover relief. We were both stuffed and ready for our afternoon hangover nap.

  • Favorite thing I had: The biscuit and the maple au jus. And her sausage was really, really good.
  • Favorite thing she had:  The breakfast potatoes and the sausage.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The shrimp and grits. It was a hard choice between to 2 this time around. I also want to go back for dinner. And I want to try the cocktails. They had lots of moonshine cocktails.
  • What makes this place stand out: It’s a farm to table restaurant. The outside patio looked really nice and the inside was rustic and cozy. I felt comfortable right away. Moonshine cocktails!
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): Probably within the month for dinner and/or drinks. Dinner did look to be a touch pricey though.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): There’s a library, theatre, grocery store, Busboys and Poets, all sorts of stuff nearby. You could spend an entire day in a two-block radius.