Coco Sala (Penn Quarter)

Coco Sala has been on my radar for a number of years. The lady LOVES chocolate (maybe more than she loves me), so a chocolate-themed restaurant is right down her alley. We finally got the chance to go when her aunt and uncle were in a town a few weeks ago. Her uncle works in the area but splits his time between here and PA. They have an apt in the city and sometimes her aunt comes down too. So when they’re both in town, we love getting dinner with them. They’re just as into exploring new restaurants and eating good food as we are.

This time, we suggested Coco Sala and a couple other places to them. They chose Coco Sala. We got to Penn Quarter straight after work and a couple of hours before dinner. We took that opportunity to explore the Portrait Gallery. It’s not my fave of all the museums, but I REALLY enjoyed the American Cool exhibit. And it was just nice to take in some art. We finished that up and still had time to kill, so we decided to go ahead to the restaurant and have drinks and a snack at the bar.

I ordered the Co Cojito, a chocolate mojito, and the lady had a glass of wine. We also had an order of the rosemary and parmesan fries to hold us over to our later-than-usual dinner time.

The mojito was amazing. The chocolate vodka was very subtle and was delicious with the mint, of course. But it also went surprisingly well with the lime. I could have just had those all night.

The fries were incredible, for an order of french fries. Salty, savory, slightly cheesy. And that dipping sauce, herb, chili, and garlic mayo. Yum.

We finished up at the bar and decided to go ahead and take our table. They weren’t too terribly busy, so they seated us before our full party was there. It was super dark (romantic) in the dining room, so the rest of my pictures are pretty lame. Let us charge forward.

Our companions arrived and we spent some time studying the menu. It took some time, but we all finally decided. Uncle and I both went with the Prawns and Grits (I have to admit, it was the coco nib and chive biscuit that sold me), Aunt ordered the scallops, and the lady ordered the strawberry caprese flatbread.


The prawns and grits were pretty good. Not quite as delicious as I had hoped, it could have benefited from the salt, but not bad! The biscuit was a touch on the dry side for me, but creative. The pepper sauce on the plate beside the biscuit was tasty. Basically, just dump it all over everything. Uncle seemed to really, really enjoy this dish.


The lady’s flatbread was very tasty. Even better than she expected it to be. She kept making comments about how the strawberries were an excellent substitution for tomatoes. Aunt also really loved her scallops. I was diagonal across the table from her and she seemed slightly unamused with my picture taking, so there’s no photo evidence.

Despite all being kind of full, we knew there was no way to get out of there without dessert, so we charged forward. These were the most difficult decisions we made.


The lady ordered the ‘Some More Coco. The s’mores creme brûlée bit on the left was her favorite.

The sticky toffee pudding cake and ginger caramel ice cream sold me on the The Sticky Situation. The cake wasn’t as toffee-esqe as I had hoped, but that ice cream was amazing.


Uncle had the Latin Love Affair. He seemed to enjoy it. That passion fruit bon bon sounds amazing.

Aunt had the Co Co Grown Up. The chocolate peanut butter gelato was incredible, and so was the bananas foster. The cupcake seemed like a bit of overkill, and I don’t think more than a bite or two of it was consumed. I think she definitely won for most delicious dessert. I will have to try that next time.

My entree wasn’t quite as mind-blowing as I had expected, and I think the other desserts were better choices than mine, but everyone seemed to enjoy everything. Aunt and Uncle were pleased and happy that we recommended the place. Maybe I should go back and try again?

  • Favorite thing I had: Probably the chocolate mojito or the fries we had before our other companions arrived.
  • Favorite thing she had: She really enjoyed her flatbread, really refreshing and nice. She also liked the s’mores bit of her dessert.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: More of the desserts. That’s probably about the only reason we’d go back. Either that or maybe for flatbreads, with drinks and desserts.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): If we happen to be in the neighborhood and are craving dessert. I don’t think we’d make a special trip, unless the lady’s aunt and uncle want to go back.