Logan Tavern (Logan Circle)

When friends suggested we get brunch before the Pride parade, I set out to find the best possible option. We needed something with vegetarian options that was relatively close to the parade route. As a bonus, I looked for a place that had Pride specials. Logan Tavern had all those things, so a reservation was made! It’s not normally my style to try to get into a place at what could be its busiest time, but I figured (hoped) that they would be ready for a busy day. I had never been before, but I have been to their sister restaurant, Commissary,  and was confident in my choice. My friend made mention that it was great that she just asked the lady if we wanted to do brunch and then I jumped in and planned the whole thing. When it comes to being able to choose a restaurant to try, I’m always on top of that! Our whole party showed up just a few minutes early and were seated quickly. They were busy, but they clearly had plenty of people on staff to handle the crowd. We were seated at a booth and our server came more quickly than we were able to digest the bloody mary and drink menus. We did eventually figure it out and I decided on one of the special drinks, the Carrie Bradshaw. Tequila, St. Germain, lime juice, grapefruit juice, and egg white. The server made sure to let me know the flower was edible. I ate a petal or two, but ultimately decided it was not my jam. The drink was good. It was a lot like a little bit sweeter, lighter margarita, with a nice creaminess from the egg white.   The rest of the table went with various bloody marys and the lady had a mimosa. photo4 That’s a picture of my Maria Caliente, which was my second drink (Chili pepper tequila, bloody mix, lime, and hot sauce). They warned me it was going to be spicy, and it was. But it was tasty. All the bloodys were nicely decorated.

For food, we started with the french toast sticks with caramel pecan dipping sauce.   They were fluffy on the inside but still crunchy on the outside. And the dipping sauce was top notch. I’m really surprised we didn’t have a second order of them. (Technical difficulties, picture coming soon)


They held us over until our food came. Which was surprisingly speedy for as busy as they were. Like I said, I was super impressed with how well everything seemed to be running.

photo3 I ordered the Chorizo and Avocado omelet. I figured that was a good, proteiny option for Pride brunch, just in case excessive drinking happened. It was really good. Not too greasy, and the avocado and salsa on top were a perfect combination.   Two of my friends ordered Eggs Benedict. This is the crab cake one. She said that it was good! She noted that the crab cakes were tasty. The lady ordered the roast turkey club. I was not in sandwich mood at all, so my bite of it wasn’t memorable, but it certainly wasn’t bad! We ended with Espresso shots (espresso, simple syrup, vanilla vodka), which were the brainchild of one of our friends at the table, and the restaurant gladly accommodated and  made them for us. They were PERFECT. I feel like that’s how I should end every meal from now on. Overall, it was a really great meal with friends. The service was excellent and I’m glad we chose it for Pride Brunch. We will certainly be back to work our way through the menu.

  • Favorite thing I had: Those french toast sticks were tasty.  My omelet was really good too. I was sort of afraid that the Chorizo would make it greasy, but it was flavorful. The avocado and salsa on top were yummy. My Maria Caliente was spicy, but really flavorful. The grilled salmon sandwich also sounded good. It was a hard decision!
  • Favorite thing she had:  She really liked the french toast sticks too. She also noted that her mimosa was good.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The steak and eggs and the lamb burger were both thoughts I had before I settled on the omelet. I’d like to make my way through their drink menu as well.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): I can see us heading back here every couple of months. It was good, but there are so many other things in the area left to try!
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Anything on P St! We stopped by Stoney’s beforehand for a beer. Pitango gelato is there too if you need dessert.

2014 Pride Weekend Round Up

Ah, Pride weekend! We didn’t do it up so much as we used to, but we certainly enjoyed it.

Friday night we decided that we wanted a low key evening to save up some energy for a long Saturday. Also, Orange is the New Black was released on Netflix that day and we were anxious to get crackin’ !I had scored through a promotion District Doughnuts was running with Postmates, earlier in the day in celebration of National Donut Day! So we ordered sushi from Momo Sushi in Old Town and gorged on sushi, donuts, and an amazing show.




I got up super early Sunday morning to head out to the Virginia side of Great Falls to cheer on my trainer/friend, E as she ran FIFTY miles that day. I only got to see her zoom by as she passed the aid station I was posted up in, but it was nice to be able to support her and watch her be a bad ass. I had also never been to the VA side of Great Falls and it was giving some pretty excellent face that day. If our schedule ever empties about and we have a free weekend day, we’ll have to get back there.


After a couple hours there, I headed back home to get ready for Pride. I have to admit, that getting up so early had me a little wiped, but as soon as I got into the city and felt the energy that Dupont and the surrounding area were giving off for Pride, I was more energized. We got into the city a little early and took our time walking from Dupont over to our brunch plans at Logan Tavern. DC Meet Market was set up at 15th and P St. NW, so we made a circle through there. It’s a cool little market with tons of local vendors. The food all smelled SO GOOD and I was a little sad that I was on my way to brunch and wasn’t able to try any of it. I will definitely have to plan to hit one of those again.

We finished the stroll through the market and still had some time to kill, so we headed to Stoney’s for a quick beer. I’ve only ever been there for beer, but will definitely have to make it back for food sometime. Brunch time arrived and we headed over for our brunch reservations with friends at Logan Tavern. That review will be coming later this week. I’m normally not one to force myself into a place when it’s likely to be super busy, but we had reservations and they had plenty of people staffed. It was an excellent choice for Pride Brunch and I’m happy we did it.

Afterward, we headed back to the circle to meet some friends and lounge about and work through our food comas in the grass until parade time. We met up with the Lady’s sister (her first pride!) and some other friends and found a decent spot on New Hampshire Ave to watch the parade and hung out for about half of it. I feel like a bad gay for not being more enthused, but the combination of an early morning, the heat, and having this be my 9th DC Pride, I was just about done.



We wandered away from the commotion and down closer to Farragut for dinner at Nooshi. It was not somewhere I had heard of nor was it somewhere I’d go on my own, so I’m glad my friend suggested it. We got a table on the patio outside with no wait. My friend ordered the tofu fries for the table and I went with sushi again (because sushi two days in a row is apparently how I roll). I also had to have the champagne mojito.  Everything  I had was pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised and my have to make another trip there. Afterward, we wandered home and watched a couple more episodes of OITNB, because who wants to get drunk and go out dancing when you can watch your fave show? #old

Sunday  morning I had to get up and do a little bit of work. (Gross. I hated every minute of it.) But luckily finished up in time to swoop by and pick up 50-mile-running friend and enjoy a delightful vegan brunch with her at Sticky Fingers. I’m never not impressed with that place. I ordered the Power Salad, the same thing I got last time, but also got to try the french toast and the biscuits and gravy. I have to get back there to order at least one of those next time. They were both delicious.

After brunch, we finished up our adulthood responsibilities and spent the rest of the day binging the rest of OITNB. We didn’t even make it out the Pride festival. Maybe next year.  Next weekend is the Lady’s sister’s wedding, so we didn’t want to pack this weekend too full. I still feel like I need a weekend from my weekend though. I really have no complaints though, this summer is shaping up to be really great!

B Too (DC)


It took me a while to decide exactly where I wanted to go to for sorta fancy date night birthday dinner. I perused our ever expanding list of places to try, weighing how bad I wanted to try the place versus special enough for a birthday meal. B Too jumped out at me. It’s somewhere we wouldn’t normally go but was at the top of the desire to try list.

We got there a bit before our reservation so we started at the bar. As soon as we sat down, we were well cared for by 2 very friendly bartenders. It was still happy hour, so I grabbed the Belgian Mule and she had a wheat beer. Nice way to start the evening and end a hard week of work.

I had already taken a look at the menu earlier in the week, so I already had a few contenders in mind. I was pretty set on a nice birthday steak. The salmon with potato crust put up a good fight, but I decided to go for something I wouldn’t normally order. I went big with the beef tenderloin. The lady, not being a big fan of seafood, went for the hanger steak. We had our choices of sauces. I went with a pepper sauce and she went with the garlic butter. Hers came with roasted veggies and mine a salad, both with fries. The steaks didn’t beat the one I had a Ray’s The Steaks for my birthday  a couple years ago, but they were both good.

I had the Brussel’s Winter as my first drink at dinner. Vodka, lemon, pineapple, basil, and choco bitters. And then the Merry Rose for the second one. Gin, rosemary tincture, lime, lemon, cava. The Brussel’s winter was really interesting. I’m enjoying the trend of pineapple in drinks recently.

For dessert, we went with the waitress’s suggestion of the Frangipane Waffle for dessert. Banana, beer caramel, crumble. We split one, because we were both pretty full. The waffle was the perfect combination of crispy but soft. The caramel was awesome. I’d go back just for that.

  • Favorite thing I had: The tenderloin with pepper sauce. Pretty perfect.
  • Favorite thing she had: The Frangipane Waffle. Server recommended, lady approved.
  • How was the service?: Exactly how I like it. Friendly, knowledgeable, never having to wait long for her next visit.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: I think next time I’m going to go for the mussels. The ones with 1/2 a lobster and bisque sound amazing. The Mathilde’s Muse cocktail. Pear vodka, St. Germaine, lemon, cava. Seemed a little too obvious a choice for me that night.
  • What makes this place stand out: Celebrity chef Bart Vandaele, of Top Chef fame, was bouncing all around the dining room overseeing all of the happenings the whole time we were there. I never had the guts to go talk to him. What do you even say? “Your food tastes real good…” Also, they have BREAKFAST.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): It was a touch on the high end of the scale for us, so it might have to be a special occasions place. Also a good happy hour or dessert spot. Or maybe we’ll just hit them for breakfast in the next month time-frame.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Anywhere on 14th or P streets. We hoofed it up to 2 Birds 1 Stone, but you could just do Black Whiskey or Stoney’s.

Commissary (Logan Circle)

This is one out of the mind archives. I went last night for a team-bonding dinner with my football team, but I’ve been a couple of times before. This is a solid American food restaurant and bar. Everyone I know has been there and no one has anything bad to say about it. Good outdoor seating. They have a pretty large and varied menu, daily specials, a sizable cocktail lists and something for everybody beer on draft.

  • Favorite thing I’ve had: My first visit, the jalapeno tequila margarita.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The 1443 P St. Cocktail (earl grey infused gin, grapefruit, and St. Germain). And several of their other cocktails. Food: the chicken kebabs sound good. The buffalo chicken mac and cheese on a diet cheat or I just don’t give a fuck, day.
  • What makes this place stand out: They infuse a lot of their own liquors there. And they’re right down my alley: simple with ingredients I’ve heard of and lots of fruity options.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): Next month.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Stoney’s, Number 9, Sweetgreen, Pitango