Mason Dixie Biscuit Company Pop Up (Ivy City)

After spending a week in AVL eating biscuits whenever possible, I knew we had to visit the Mason Dixie Biscuit Company Pop Up at Dolcezza Factory just a week after we left the south. While in AVL and traveling back, I was thinking that there was a terrible lack of biscuits and other southern food in the city, and why don’t I open a biscuit place and/or chicken and waffles. Welp, someone is beating me to it.


We decided to check out the pop-up on Saturday. And thought that it was probably a good idea to get there as close to opening time as we could. They opened at 11, and I think we were there by about 11:15. The line was probably about 20 or so people deep at the time and not yet out of the door of Dolcezza. It took us about 20 minutes to get through the line. I had a really hard time deciding between the limited options. I had firmly decided on each option during that 20 minutes in line and then completely changed my mind.

photo 1

I went with the biscuit sandwich and the lady went with the breakfast biscuit. It was a really tough race between the sandwich and the platter, but the chicken beat out of the gravy. The blueberry thyme lemonade also sounded deeelightful, so I ordered it. They quoted us about a 10 minute wait time. Well… the wait time ended up being closer to about 40 minutes. We had biscuits in hand about an hour after we got in line.


And they ran out of blueberry thyme lemonade before they got to me. Bummer. But at least we had biscuits! We plopped on the ground outside, because it was about the only place to sit. I picked up my biscuit to finally take my first bite and noticed that the and the bottom of it was burnt. That on top of no lemonade, I was pretty disappointed. Then I took a bite. The chicken was cold. Hangry had set in and I was pissed about waiting an hour for a burnt biscuit with cold chicken. I decided to walk back inside and try to remedy the situation. The CEO was the one working the ordering table, so I walked up and showed her the bottom of the biscuit and quietly told her the chicken was cold. She immediately took the biscuit from me and walked back to the kitchen to replace it. I had a new, non-burnt biscuit with hot chicken, in my hand in less than 5 minutes. She also gave me the jam and hazelnut honey butter to try.

I went back outside with my new biscuit feeling much better and ready to enjoy the meal. And enjoy it a did. It was a really damn good biscuit! The spreads were also excellent and I’m glad she gave them to me to try. The hazelnut honey butter was incredible. I kept eating it with a fork even after my biscuit was gone.

So. It was not a perfect experience, by a long shot. Which can be expected when something like this goes public for the first time. I can imagine they learned a lot from this weekend. But you can definitely tell they’re trying and that the intention for great service and an excellent product is there. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for their brick and mortar debut. I have to get back to try the biscuits and gravy!

Oh, and the line was out the door by the time we left. I hope these people got to enjoy some biscuits!

photo 3