Upcoming Adventures

You guys, Favorite Friday just isn’t going to happen today. I’ve been super slammed at work this week, working early, working late, and just wasn’t able to get today’s post written. I figured instead, maybe I’d just write about some of the things I’m excited about in the next few months.

Last night was our inaugural wine and in the courtyard with the neighbors. (I promise I’ve been working late! I worked late, skipped the gym, drank some wine, and then went back to answering work e-mails until bed time.) I’m excited about this because it means that spring is here to stay and we’re on our way to summer! Finally! This means cookouts and pool time are just around the corner!

Tonight we have reservations at Dram & Grain. I need some fancy cocktails after this crazy work week, so I’m excited! Also a little nervous… because I like cocktails, but am not always super big on the actual taste of liquor. I mean I’m sure the drinks will be fabulous, but this is certainly an adventure for me.

The end of flag football season is near! I mean, I love football and my friends and the community. What I don’t love so much is how much of my weekend it eats up. Games are on Sunday mornings. That’s PRIME BRUNCHING time! I’m looking forward to being about having time to brunch, take day trips to wineries and close-by cities, have picnics parks, and just generally have more time for adventures rather than only having time to do responsible adulthood things on weekends. Right now on the calendar, I have a trip to Annapolis and Lyon Distilling for the first weekend after football. We may bump it back a couple of weeks and just brunch and rest on that first weekend off. We’ll see how we’re feeling. Has anyone been? Anyone have good tips for where to eat or things to do in Annapolis?

Some general plans for this summer include exploring Yards Park, professional women’s soccer games (DC Spirit) up in Germantown, Nats games of course, wine tasting out in VA’s wine country, hitting some of the breweries a little bit further out (Manassas, Fredericksburg, Frederick), maybe a trip to Rehoboth? I’m sure I’m missing so many things…

I’m also looking to take a trip home to Salem, VA to see my parents for Memorial Day weekend, or some other weekend in May. I’m excited to share the good eats of back home on the blog. There is so much food there tied to good memories and my history, I’m excited to be able to tell those stories.

The lady’s sister is getting married to an awesome guy out in Leesburg in June. I’m so excited to be a part of that wedding and get to spend time with the “in-laws.” I love her entire family. They have taken me as one of their own and so now I have a whole additional set of grandparents, parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I’m extra excited that “seester” is finally moving here just before the wedding, after a couple of years of long distance with awesome guy fiance. I’m excited to have family living nearby.

And finally, my biggest excitement for the summer  is our vacation to Asheville, NC. The lady and I have been meaning to get there for YEARS. We spend plenty of time in NC as her parents and grandparents, as well as most of my extended family, live there. They just don’t live anywhere near Asheville. So, since it’s an off-year of the bi-annual family beach week, the lady and I decided to plan our own vacation. We’ve already booked an adorable studio apartment for the week, east of the city, just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway on a little farm. I’ve also already done tons of research and plotted restaurants, breweries, hiking spots, shops, art galleries, etc on a Google map.  I’m looking forward to a week of enjoying the mountains, the slower pace and friendliness of the south, all the food and beer (there are over 50 breweries in the surrounding area), hiking, art, and catching up with a friend or two who live there. It’s going to be a lot of fun to share that here on the blog as well.

Writing all of that out just makes me even more excited for what’s to come. And has been a nice few minute escape from the craziness of work. For any co-workers or bosses (someone spilled the beans about the blog during our all-staff meeting the other day in my Longevity Award announcement) who may be reading… I promise I’m working hard!