Society Fair Date Night Bag (Old Town)

As much as I love to cook, I also love eating food that I didn’t have to cook, in the comfort of my own home. I love the food at Society Fair, but a Date Night Bag gives you a chance to try a wider range of food than they serve in the wine bar or the cafe but the same quality. Of course you can order carry out, but for some reason this is different. It seems higher quality. So for a Date Night Bag, you place your order and pay online basically any time before Friday, pick up the bag up sometime Friday, and take it home and enjoy.

This bag included Curry chicken, basmati rice, Indian Chickpea salad, naan, different chutneys/spreads, coconut chai rice pudding, and a bottle of riesling.


All we had to do was heat up the chicken, rice, and naan, plate it up, pour the wine, and enjoy. It took all of  5 minutes to get from the front door to sitting down eating a fantastic meal. Well, maybe a little longer, I had to take pictures!


The naan was some of the fluffiest and softest I’ve ever had and the wine pairing was perfect for the flavor profile of the meal. The curry was just spicy enough. The chickpea salad was great and I’d love to make it myself. I’m thinking it would be a good dish to take a to cookout. The rice pudding was good too, but the chai spices were just a touch strong. There was an anise flavor that was a bit much. But don’t get me wrong, we still ate every bite of it. The whole meal was plenty for both of us and we had one serving of everything but the naan left over.


  • How often I order a bag: Every couple of months. It’s perfect when we need a quiet night in but still want really tasty restaurant-quality food.
  • My favorite thing about it: The fact that I just have to pick it up, wine and all. At $49, it’s cheaper than going to any restaurant and ordering two entrees, dessert, and a bottle of wine.
  • Bags I want to try: Like ScratchDC, I like trying things I wouldn’t cook for myself. A little bit more adventurous meals.
  • Why you should try it: Because it’s delicious. And all you have to do is go pick it up. They even do the wine pairing for you. You can also pass it off like you cooked a fancy meal, if you need/want to.




ScratchDC: Murgh Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken)


In the name of food and things DC-related, I thought it would be fun to also review ScratchDC. Mostly inspired by the absolutely amazing box we got recently. Basically they prep, measure, and box up all the (local and organic) ingredients you need to cook an awesome meal and deliver it right to you with super simple (and humorous) instructions for how to cook the food yourself. I usually have it delivered to my office because their Alexandria delivery hours are while I’m at work in Georgetown. The boxes average about $30 (I rarely get out of the grocery store for less than that anyway. ESPECIALLY if I’m doing local, organic, free-range, grass-fed, etc at Whole Foods or Mom’s) and they are usually enough for two meals for two people in our two-lady household.

A few weeks ago, we ordered the Murgh Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken) over cilantro rice with garlic naan. I fancy myself as a bit of a seasoned cook, so I usually try to go for Scratch boxes that are outside of my realm of things I would think to cook. This one definitely fit the bill. While I love Indian food, it’s not something I’ve been able to successfully execute at home. I think the thing I was missing all along was butter and cream. I usually try to stay clear of using those kinds of things in my cooking when I can, but it clearly made the difference in this recipe. Everything in moderation!

The box came with the uncooked jasmine rice, naan with garlic butter to spread, the chicken already marinating in a yogurt and curry mixture, all the ingredients for the sauce, and chopped peppers for topping the final dish. Once you get the rice on, you cook the chicken. Remove the chicken from the pan, throw the naan in the oven with the garlic butter and start making the sauce. Once the sauce comes together, you throw the chicken back in, make sure it’s all saucy and delightful. Salivate. Make sure the rice is cooked and the naan is ready. Throw some cilantro in the rice, scoop it on the plate, smoother it with heaps of the chicken and sauce, top with peppers and cilantro, grab the naan, and chow down. Thirty minutes after you start cooking, you have a meal that rivals Indian carry out, but with even more pride because you made it yourself. Oh yeah, they also include dough for two cookies to bake after your meal.

  • How often I order a box: We order about once per month-ish.
  • My favorite thing about it: No prep work at all! No shopping, no chopping, nothing. Just my favorite part: the cooking.
  • Boxes I want to try: The lady isn’t into seafood, but I really want to try one of those soon. Pretty much any other ethnic dish because those are the more difficult ones for me to pull off on my own.
  • Why you should try it: Because it’s a local-owned small business that strives to use local ingredients. They’re also fall-over-themselves helpful and nice.