Hi, I’m Melody. Like most DC’ers, I’m from somewhere else. I fell in love with DC during visits while I was in college at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. I set my mind to moving here after graduation sometime in the middle of college. I just couldn’t see myself anywhere else. So I did, and it has become my home. I live just over the river in Old Town Alexandria. Now, my lady and I are just trying to take in as much of the city (and VA, MD) as we can. Life is too short to not be constantly exploring new things. These are my adventures into what this city (and life, really) has to offer. Food, drink, breweries, wineries, festivals, parks, groups, events, etc! Oh yeah, and a little bit about my out of town adventures and basic life-journaling.

I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie or snob of any sort. But if I’m going to pay money for something, I want it to taste good. I like simple, solid meals. Quality ingredients, cooked well. Good service goes a long way with me.

Likes: Washington DC. Craft beer, tasty cocktails, sparkling wine, anything with bubbles, red wine, sangria. Good food, quality pizza, seafood. Tacos. Anything with ginger beer or lime, lemon, pineapple. Approachable friendly bartenders, good charming service. Picnics in parks, soaking up the sun. Nationals games. Anything Derek Brown does, no really. Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

Dislikes: Any food with “foam,” food fads, the idea of tapas (but not always the execution), Irish pubs, too terribly ritzy fine dining, overly crowded loud bars, bad service


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