Columbia Room Pop Up at PX (Old Town)

The lady and I had plans to go to The Columbia Room for her birthday last year. Shortly before her birthday, we found out we had to move and decided to save that trip for a time when income was a wee bit more disposable. Then, they closed at the end of the year with a promise to be back soon!

Well, several weeks ago we caught wind of the fact that they were popping up at PX in Alexandria. We hopped onto some reservations and waited patiently.

The host recognized us, as we had just been there a month before for our anniversary. Good thing? I think so. We asked to sit at the bar, because why would I pass up a chance to watch JP and Derek work their magic? They’re also both super nice guys, and why would I pass up the chance to chat with them? I wouldn’t. I’ll also admit, it never ceases to tickle me pink that they both recognize me. I’m kind of a big deal (I’m really not).


IDK just my BFF DB

We both decided to experience the whole menu rather than going a la carte. I wouldn’t have been able to decide which drinks to choose anyway, they all looked incredible.


So we started with the Cheerwine Fizz. I see what you did there: you’re popping up in a bar in VA and you’re going with the southern theme. Love it.


The coffee was an incredible balance to the sweetness of the Cheerwine. And if you’ve read my blog at all, you know I’m a fan of the egg white bev. Creativity and unexpected ingredient combinations is my favorite thing about DB bars.

Next was the Cold Apple Toddy. Simple but delicious. And it came with it’s own snack: a roasted apple.


Simple. Light. The apple was delicious. There’s a story behind the cold toddy- it’s a very historically DC drink. I should have written this post weeks ago and I would have remembered it.

Next up, the Old Virginia Accent. Chocked full of Virginia-distilled Catoctin Creek booze. With this drink came a story about the apple brandy.


Just perfect. That’s all.

Lastly, was dessert in a glass. The name was toss to Todd Thrasher, the mastermind behind the drink program at PX. We did notice when we were at PX that his drinks had funny, interesting names. This one was perfect: Sincerity is the Most Imitated Form of Flattery.


Apologies for the dark photo- PX isn’t exactly lit to be food-blogged. This drink was bright yellow, had a delicious scoop of cream, and was garnished with a pineapple leaf and chunk of pineapple. I legit almost ordered a second. So creamy and fruity.

Toward the end of the night, I decided to tell DB that I had plans to do the DB3 in celebration of my birthday the following week. He asked me to email him so he could make sure that they took care of me in his absence. I also wanted his recommendations for which order to visit the bars and suggestions about what to order at each. This man knows how to take care of his regulars.

It was awesome to see our friends on our side of the river, experience the Columbia Room while it’s shuttered, and have an excuse to visit PX again so soon. Add to that Virginia-themed drinks and you’ve won me over. Not that that was necessary at all. Keeping my eyes peeled for another Columbia Room Pop-up…