Long Overdue Update! We’re Moving!

I’m still here! I’m alive!

We’ve had a lot happen in a short amount of time so our lives have been a little crazy. Well, The first couple weeks of silence were lack of inspiration (with life in general) and the back half of the silence has been because WE’RE MOVING! Not far, just from Old Town over to Del Ray. But it was not expected or planned, so the past month has been pretty insane. Our landlord informed us that she needed to move back into her condo and that we would need to find another place. She gave us just under 60 days. We hopped right to it and actually found the place we’re moving to, about 3 days later. We had that lease signed in less than 2 weeks. It’s pretty amazing what the anxiety of possibly not having a home will do for your productivity! And actually really heartening how supportive our friends have been. Thanks to everyone who has checked in on us and who have offered to help us move next weekend. Our lives look like this now.


We looked all over Old Town (our second choice was on Prince St. right smack dab in the middle of Old Town. The deal-breaker there was street parking) and Del Ray. We looked at a complex off of Columbia Pike (Penrose) in Arlington where some of our close friends live. We looked at 4 other units in our current community. We flirted with the idea of sharing an amazing house in Bloomingdale with another couple (Neither of us ever got a response to our response to the Craigslist ad). We thought about moving into the District, but didn’t see anything that was workable with two cats in our price range. Also, because the move was so unexpected, we sort of wanted to minimize our life upheaval.

We found a HUGE two bedroom condo in another garden-style development in Del Ray that was juuuust over our max budget. We decided that increasing our living space by ONE THIRD would be worth it though. Especially now that we have 2 kitties. We’re also giving up having an in-unit washer and dryer and dishwasher, but a two bedroom walking distance from delicious margaritas at Los Tios? SOLD! We can buy a portable dishwasher if that’s too terrible. And well, we’ll deal with the laundry. I can blog from the laundry room! I’m sure it will be a challenge, but we both saw ourselves living in that apartment. The lady was ready to move in as soon as she walked into it. I’m excited to have a guest room and space to entertain. Maybe dinner parties will become a new blog feature?

We’ve frequented Del Ray the whole time we’ve lived in Old Town, but I’m excited to live there and be part of that community. I even already found a community garden that I’m interested in joining next spring. I like the smaller-town feel of Del Ray. It’s less touristy and more neighborhoody than Old Town. Check out this timely article WaPo published today about the neighborhood!

The increase in rent and moving expenses are sucking up quite a bit of our fun money. It’s ok though! My mom put it best when she said that if going out was more rare, it would be more enjoyable when it does happen. And she was so right. Going out had started to feel like a chore (I know, crazy right?) just so I had content for the blog. It’s been nice to slow down and enjoy ourselves.

So, that’s been life in my corner for the past couple of months. I hope to be posting more regularly again after we get through schlepping our stuff two miles north and slightly west. Catch you all soon!


Macon Bistro and Larder (Chevy Chase)

A friend of mine told me about Macon Bistro a few weeks ago, right after it opened. We’ve been pretty terrible at getting anywhere north of Columbia Heights to eat, so the lady and I decided to take a trip to Upper Northwest for brunch a couple of weekends ago. The menu looked promising. If you’ve been reading for any amount of time at all, you know I love me some southern food.

We made the long trek all the way from Alexandria to one of the most northern parts of the city. It was a good reminder that there’s a whole lot in the city I still need to get to. We parked on one of the side neighborhood streets and dodged dogs and strollers and a surprising number of people in boat shoes to find the place. The outdoor seating looked promising, but we opted for sitting inside. We got a table by the front window surrounded by several families with 2+ kids.

We started with drinks. I ordered the bloody mary on the cocktail menu- which I don’t actually remember what was in it and it’s not on the website. But it was served with pepper on the rim. The lady had the Martini De Lamartine: vodka, St Germain, Orange, Lemon.

And then we waited. I didn’t time how long it took get drinks, but it was definitely long enough that we had to time to wonder where our drinks were. We were waiting for a friend who was running a few minutes late, but still.

We got our drinks, or friend arrived. All was well. My drink felt like maybe it should have had more flavor but the lady’s was excellent.



We decided on food and placed our order. The lady had the Short Rib Hash, our friend went with the chicken and waffle, and I had the shrimp and grits. And then we waited some more. I’d say that we waited for well over 30 minutes on our food. I’d say more than half the tables in the space were full, but it was not busy enough to warrant such a wait.

The food finally came, just in the nick of time too… we were all getting a little hangry. I’m not sure why we didn’t order some biscuits in the mean time. Maybe that’s what they were trying to get us to do…

The verdict on the food was that it was… good, with some issues. The lady’s egg was a bit over cooked. The short rib was perfectly tender though.


The gravy on my shrimp and grits needed way more peppery flavor and a lot less sweet. And there was a bit much of it to the point that it was a little over powering. The chorizo was also cooked a little past having any flavor at all and was a bit chewy. The shrimp was cooked perfectly though. And I really appreciated the okra and the grits were great.


The pickled watermelon rind was a bit much on the chicken and waffle. Maybe with like a third of the amount, it would have been ok. The chicken was nice and juicy though, and the honey hot sauce was really interesting.


The kicker was when the check came. For the lady and I, two entrees, two drinks, tax and tip, it came out to $80. You know, I’ll pay that for a great brunch. I’d pay that every time if the food was outstanding. But it was just… good. And it took a long time for that just good food to get to our table. I know the place is new, and I think it probably has potential. I’d like to hope so, anyway. I’m rooting for southern food in my city.

  • Favorite thing I had: The shrimp. And the few bites I had of the chicken with the honey hot sauce.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: If I ever make it back, I’d like to try dinner.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): Let’s be real… it’s far away from us, we probably won’t be back. Unless someone gives us a really good reason.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): No clue. The lady and I zoomed back down to the complete opposite side of the city for a baseball game.