Vermilion (Old Town)

It seems fitting that my 100th post is both a Restaurant Week review and also a Neighborhood Restaurant Group spot. I can’t believe I’ve written that many posts! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Annnd, on to the post.

In an effort to get the best bang for our buck for Restaurant Week (RW), we decided that our parameter was that it had to be a place that we wouldn’t usually go because it was so expensive otherwise. After combing through participating restaurants, we landed on Vermilion in Old Town. The Obamas have been there, it’s a Neighborhood Restaurant Group spot, and the RW menu looked like a good value. Sold!

Our first impression of the space was that it was pretty excellent. We were early (because of course we were) but they seated us anyway. We were seated upstairs. I appreciated that so we got a little tour of both floors.

We started with beverages. The lady had the Final Ward (rye, chartreuse, maraschino & lemon) and I had the Plum Fizz (green hat gin, aperol, roasted plum & rosemary).



Both drinks were excellent. I’m starting to finally develop a taste for whiskey, so I very much enjoyed her drink. I mean, I liked mine too! You can’t go wrong with Green Hat or stone fruit. Those are two of my favorite things.




As an added, very nice touch- they brought out canapés with tomato, bacon, and micro greens. The tomato was perfectly ripe and it was a delightful couple of bites. That’s how you know you’re at a fancy place…

I started with the Chilled Corn Soup and she had the Sweet Gem Salad. My soup was presented beautifully. The bowl came empty with the corn and lime crema, and they poured the soup into the bowl at the table. Also a nice touch.



The soup was great! I really enjoyed the lime crema a lot. I think I need to try my hand at making some chilled soups before the summer is over.


Her salad was absolutely incredible for how simple it was. I mean I guess you can’t go wrong with goat cheese and avocado. I want to go back and order that again.

My salmon was cooked perfectly and I really loved the sauce on the side. I think it was a tomato/butter sauce. Um, brilliant. The roasted veggies/potatoes under the fish were tasty little morsels. The skin on the fish was nice and crispy, but I peeled it off and enjoyed without. It wasn’t really my jam.



Her sirloin was great. She ordered it medium well, and it probably would have been better just medium/med rare, but it was still good. The kale was excellent and I enjoyed the barrel-aged soy sauce on the side.



For dessert, the lady and I just split the two options and I went with the Fritters and she had the PBJ Terrine.

My fritters could have stood to be hotter. They tasted like maybe they sat for about 30 mins before they made it onto my plate. I suppose that’s to be expected during restaurant week. They still tasted great! I just wish they had been hot and ultra fresh. The selling point on this dessert was the key lime curd anyway. The cream cheese ice cream also tasty. I couldn’t really tell it was cream-cheese-flavored though.


The PBJ Terrine was REALLY rich and creamy and very yummy. The sorbet cut the sweetness perfectly. And the brittle on top was fantastic. I loved it.



Overall, I’m extremely pleased that we chose Vermilion as our Restaurant Week spot. It’s definitely somewhere I’d go back and pay full price for a special occasion. NRG, you haven’t let me down yet!

  • Favorite thing I had: I think my very favorite thing was the sauce on on my plate for my fish.
  • Favorite thing she had: The gem salad. I can agree, it was fantastic!
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: I want to go back for brunch. And the prices on lunch look pretty affordable too.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): Well, it’s expensive. There’s no two ways about that. It’s definitely a special occasion spot. However, the bar was pretty crowded during happy hour, so we might have to check those specials out and see what all the buzz was about.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Killer ESP is just a block or two away.  You can get after dinner coffee. Or sorbetto or pie if you didn’t already have dessert.

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