Lots of Pets and Friends Weekend Round Up

Whew, do I feel like I didn’t sit still this weekend. Or since Wednesday, really. We’ve done tons of awesome things and have seen tons of friends, so I have no complaints. I’m ready for my Labor Day 5-day weekend now though… And I realized at the end of the weekend that I had taken pics of myself with more than one of my friends’ pets. This is my life.

Wednesday we did Vermilon for Restaurant Week. It was fantastic. That post will be up this week. Thursday we went over to SIL and BIL’s place in Falls Church and visited with Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in from out of town. SIL and BIL live in a basically new building with an awesome courtyard/patio area, badass grills, and a gas fireplace. I’ve decided to move in with them now.

Friday night, we grabbed a quick dinner at District Taco. Always delightful. I absolutely cannot wait until they open their Old Town location. I’m pretty sure I’ll just live there.


After dinner, we headed to our first Bookalokal class, Home Bartending Basics w/ Marshall.



It was fantastic. We learned a lot about mixing, stirring, and bartending history.  He also hooked us up with all the bar tools we need to get started. We already had most of them, and the lady and I got duplicates, sooo we are flush with bar tools. Anyone need bar tools? No, really. That post will also be up this week.

Saturday started with a little bit of dog-sitting and dog-selfie-ing. LOOK AT THIS CUTIE. This is Jack. Also, feel free to ignore my bed head. I had a lot of fun hanging out with this guy. His parents are lucky I didn’t commit some dognap.


After that overdose of cute, I took a leisurely walk into Old Town to Killer ESP with my trainer/neighbor for tea and catch up time. The weather was perfect for the 2.5 mile walk. And I managed to resist eating pie while I was there.

When I got back, the lady and I swung by Pork Barrel BBQ  for some lunch and then spent about an hour sitting down hanging out with the cats. It was the only sitting I really did all of Saturday.

After that brief break, it was time for a cookout at a college friend’s house in celebration of another college friend being in from out of town. We stuck around there for a couple of hours catching up with other various alumnae. I really love that DC is the type of place where a bunch of my college friends have settled, and that the ones who didn’t, end up here for various events and visits on the regular.

We didn’t get to see the cookout through until the end, because we had plans with another college friend who was in from out of town! She and her lady had come up to visit with some of her lady’s friends and catch a Washington Spirit game. We went to a Spirit game last year and totally meant to get to more of them this season. We didn’t succeed but I still highly recommend the games. They’re affordable, the stadium is small, so there’s not a bad seat in the house, and the beer is super cheap. They do play up in Germantown, MD, but the drive is worth it.


Sunday was a little bit less hectic. We started with a brunch at The Arsenal at Bluejacket w/ some of our favorite brunching partners, one of my Roanoke friends and her bf. Again, the Arsenal didn’t disappoint. I had the French Toast w/ peaches, creme fraiche, and bacon. It may have been the best french toast I’ve ever had. The beers I tried were good, but I wish they had had some sort of summery fruity beer.

Sunday evening, we had plans to visit with yet another college friend, her partner, and their new dog, Pickle! They brought Pickle home the day after we brought Teddy home. So, I basically fell in love with him via Instagram the week before we met him.



Pickle wasn’t quite as good at the selfie as Jack. But these photos are hilarious.

This weekend really had us wondering why we decided on a 2nd cat rather than a dog. Whatever, we ordered some pizza from Lost Dog Cafe, had it delivered (Side note: Lost Dog is ALSO opening up an Old Town/Del Ray location. I love that my faves are coming to me. I can’t wait to be able to have Lost Dog delivered), and spent the evening drinking wine and hanging out with our friends and the pup. It was a perfect way to end our very busy, but very fun weekend.


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