Cat Lady Weekend Round Up

After a very busy go-and-do vacation and a really ridiculous week of work for me, we decided to take it easy this weekend. We focused a little more on the home front and a little bit less on exploring, but we still had an adventure or two!

There was one big life event that wasn’t related to food at all. We adopted a second cat! And as soon as I signed his paperwork on Friday night, I morphed into an even crazier cat lady than I already was and spent all weekend posting pics of him all over social media. He comes home next Sunday. Until then, we keep going back to the shelter (King Street Cats, where we also volunteer) to visit with him and take more pictures. I mean, just look at him!

photo 2

And as a shameless plug, if you’re looking to add a feline friend to your family, I can’t recommend King Street Cats enough. We’re in about twice per month to clean and love on the cats, and I just can never get over how many amazing cats come through. It’s actually really surprising that it took us 8 months before we finally scooped one up for ourselves.

Any other cat lovers here? Do you guys just think I’m crazy now because I’m talking about cats on my food and drink blog? Food was involved! We celebrated his adoption with a late dinner at nearby Sweet Fire Donna’s. It was every bit as delicious as its sister restaurant,  Pork Barrel BBQ in Del Ray. The bread pudding was AMAZING.


Saturday morning, we decided to brave the Mason Dixie Biscuit Company Pop Up at Dolcezza Factory. After spending a week in Asheville just eating biscuits whenever possible,  it seemed meant to be that there was a special biscuit event happening within a week of our return. It was about as hectic and patience-requiring as you might expect the first day of a pop up to be, but those were some damn good biscuits with exceedingly friendly service. That post will be up later this week.

photo 1


Saturday evening was spent with some friends while they dog sat (and themselves also just adopted a dog! Yay, rescuing shelter animals!) cooking out, hanging out, and watching kitten/puppy cams while we wait for our new pets to come home. Yeah, we partied really hard this weekend.


On Sunday, I slept in! I stayed in bed until like 9:30! Which is absurd for me. The only real reason we left the house was because the lady was starving. I decided that I was in the mood for Indian food, so we headed to Shakthi South Asian Cuisine in Arlandria. They replaced our favorite Thai restaurant in that location, and so far have not disappointed us. We had the lunch buffet, so we were able to try a few different things. Yum!

We didn’t do much of note for the rest of the day. And despite not doing much, I still didn’t really feel like cooking, so we indulged ourselves in one of our favorites. Pizzeria Paradiso! We had the special Cherry Bomb Pizza, which was a white pizza with cherries, chicken sausage, red onion, and I think, feta. I love fruit on pizza, but I’m not sure I would have ever thought to use cherries. Mental note for our next at-home pizza night.

photo 4


This weekend didn’t make for a terribly exciting  weekend round up post, but it certainly was nice to have a low key couple of days before jumping back into crazy times at work. And now Monday has arrived. Back to the grind!


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