Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers Lunch (Georgetown)

I’ve been to Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers a number of times. For First Bake, drinks after work, a goodbye party, etc. I finally made it there for lunch with one of my co-workers. It seemed like a good bet for a nice refreshing, light lunch. Their menu is so huge that you can pretty much go there no matter what your mood.

I was a bit surprised that they didn’t have their outdoor seating open for this not-too-hot lunch service, but I can understand keeping things smaller for lunch. We got a seat inside, sat down, and spent some time studying the menu. The menu can be overwhelming, but I had already told myself I was going to stick to salad! I chose the one that seemed like it would have the most veggies, called Drag Through the Garden. I also decided to try some of the Farmhouse Sushi, so I ordered the Tiki Jack:¬†Compressed Pineapple, Mango Lime Salsa, Ponzu Sauce, Cilantro.


I was a bit surprised that it was dressed with a french type dressing, but I love that stuff, so I had no complaints. The salad had plenty of crunchy elements and was really tasty.


I’m not usually one to order sushi that’s not in a roll, but I was feeling brave, and also, how do you pass up fruit salsa? Everything was so crisp and fresh. My meal felt like splash of cool water to the face.

My coworker ordered the Kale Salad with pickled shrimp. She was a little hesitant about the pickled shrimp, but it ended up being quite delicious! It’s certainly an option I’ll keep in mind for myself next time.


FFB is definitely my favorite Georgetown Waterfront spot right now. You can get any meal of the day there, it’s always delicious and made with high quality, fresh ingredients. And the drink menu (tikis! scorpions! a huge beer list!) is crazy impressive. You can end up spending quite a bit of money there, so it’s not an every day option. But, it’s worth it when you do make it there!

I’ve been in a tiki mood recently. I think our next trip there will be for some delightful cocktails!


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