Gin Bottlin’ Weekend Round Up

This summer has been characterized by basically going balls to the wall in everything we do. We’ve been filling our time as packed as we possibly can, trying as many new places as meals we can consume, and just going full speed. Well, turns out that is tiring, poor-making, and weight-packing-on. So, we’ve been working on reeling it in. Mostly in the name of saving some $$ and making sure our clothes still fit while we’re on vacation.

I started this weekend on Friday with lunch with Best Boy Friend, P, at i-Thai in Georgetown. Then I hopped over to Logan Circle to get my hair cut, and to Glen’s Garden Market for an afternoon beer with some friends.

The lady met me at Glen’s after work and we headed across the city to NE to New Columbia Distillers to help bottle up delicious Green Hat gin. They send out e-mails every so often asking for volunteers to help bottle. They usually get more interest than available spots, so they run a lottery. This was the first time we’ve been free to help and we just got lucky enough to win the lotto on the first try! Of course I will help bottle my favorite gin in exchange for Gin and Tonics, pizza, and a tour.


I never actually got very good at putting the labels on. Luckily, I only did a couple of cases worth. We rotated between tasks, so everyone got to try out everything. I think most people preferred the excitement of the actual bottling.


Gin cow! Normally the spouts stop when the bottle is full. Occasionally they do not. I’m sure I smelled like I swam around in a pool of gin when we were finished. Good thing we didn’t have any plans after that!

Once we were done bottling, capping, labeling, writing the proof and alcohol content, shrink wrapping and checking the bottles, we were treated to pizza and a tour. I was so tired when we were finished. As it turns out, bottling is a lot of work. It was definitely worth it though! It’s fun to see behind the scenes, learn random stuff about the distillery and the gin, and to meet some other local-gin-lovers. In fact, I met the lovely lady behind District and More! I was pretty shocked to be recognized (glad I’ve posted a couple of pictures of my face!) and also pretty thrilled to be able to tell her that her blog is what most inspired me to start Dine and Drink. I totally connected with her whole moving here, loving it, wanting to constantly keep exploring it, and writing about it. We will go out together soon!

Saturday, I forced myself out of bed and decided that it was in my best interest to get in a good workout. The lady needed to use the car for some errands, so I thought it might be nice to ride my bike to the gym. And you know, since I was already in Old Town, why not reward my workout with a trip to the Farmer’s Market? I’ve really, really been enjoying being able to eat farm-fresh, in season produce this summer. I’m going to be so depressed this winter when tomatoes from the grocery store are mealy and terrible.

After I got back from my ride/workout, the lady and I decided to try the We, The Pizza location in Crystal City. Tasty, as always! I’m glad to have a decent pizza by the slice option nearby. It’s a perfect lunch or cheap dinner. It is across the street from my gym though. So maybe a little dangerous.


Saturday night, we met up with some friends at Penrose Square off of Columbia Pike in Arlington for an outdoor movie. (Near Bob and Edith’s! And Lost Dog!) We got there before our friends, so we popped into Society Fair to grab a coffee and wait on their comfy couches. Every time I’m in the neighborhood, I realize there’s so much over there. I knew TNT Bar existed, but until Saturday, I didn’t know where. We definitely want to get back there. And that’s probably the closest Red Rocks location to us. It threw us all a little off that the movie-viewing area was on slate tiles rather than grass, but we made do with camping chairs and blankets.

We resisted the natural urge to brunch on Sunday in the name household chores and saving money. We headed out of the house at about 4pm to trek up to Silver Spring for a show at The Fillmore. We decided to do dinner before the show at Scion in Silver Spring. It was a really excellent meal, even better than I expected. Everything was delicious! That post will be up soon.

After dinner, we wandered over to The Fillmore to get in line. The last time we were at the venue, we ended up on a spot on the balcony where we weren’t able to see much. The balcony has two levels and is really deep, so if you’re in the wrong place, it sort of sucks. This time, we got a better spot and I was pretty pleased.

I was glad to have a better experience this time, because I wanted to like the venue. Despite it being a sold out show, I didn’t have to wait in line for the bathroom or the bar and getting back downstairs after the show was pretty easy (super wide stairways) too. The only problem I have with it is that it’s located in Silver Spring. Which doesn’t make any sense and is full of Maryland drivers. (I told myself I wouldn’t make a Maryland driver crack in this post, and then I almost got hit in a crosswalk at the end of the night, soooo there’s that. Sorry decent-driving Marylanders.)

This time next week, we’ll be ON VACATION! The countdown begins! Oh god, will I even make it through this week of work?



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