4th of July, Long Weekend Round Up

This long weekend was exactly what the lady and I needed to finally feel like it’s summer and that life isn’t just flying by. We hit the ground running this summer and haven’t had a chance to stop and breathe and do anything very summery. It just feels like we’re going to turn around and it’s going to be fall.

My weekend basically started at lunch time on Thursday. The co-workers and I decided we should go to lunch at El Centro to kick off the weekend. It was one of the better ideas I’ve had. Delicious and enjoyable time with the co-workers.

The lady and I decided to take it easy Thursday night. We wanted to make sure we got plenty of down time this weekend. I did make my first successful at-home mojito. I have mastered the art of muddling! So tasty, so much work. I had a couple of those and we made it to bed by old lady hours.

Friday morning, I woke up relatively early and took a quick bike ride (in chilly, sort of ominous, misty weather) around the neighborhood to offset some of the debauchery I knew was to come in the name of celebrating the birth of our Nation! The mist and clouds burned off and we hopped on the metro into the city for the Nats game. We popped into Half Street Fairgrounds before the game and gorged ourselves on delicious Surfside tacos from the food truck. Damn, I love Surfside.



We stuck around just long enough to see that the Nats were clearly not into winning this game and decided, as usual, that since we were already on the green line, we clearly needed to pop up to visit our friends at Mockingbird Hill and grab some coffee drinks.

After we thoroughly caffeinated ourselves, we headed back home to relax for a bit before our evening plans. Well, the lady relaxed. I spent a while making cucumber and potato salads and throwing a tiny kitchen dance party. I blame the coffee.

We were then on our way to post up on our friends’ roof off of Columbia Pike in Arlington for drinkin’, eatin’, and watchin’ the fireworks. It was definitely the best view of the DC fireworks we’ve ever had in the 6 years we’ve been here. They weren’t super close, but they were totally unobstructed. And we could see everyone’s illegal fireworks on the horizon. From about the cathedral all the way to just about National Harbour. Awesome.



Saturday morning, I felt surprisingly fine after an evening of celebrating, so I decided to take a bike ride down the Old Town farmer’s market to do most of our produce shopping. This is a routine I could get used to. Between From the Farmer and the farmer’s market, I’m loving eating seasonally and locally. Even if it costs a bit more, it’s so worth it because the food is so much better.




When I got back from the farmer’s market, we threw on our swimsuits, packed a tiny picnic, and spent a few hours lounging by the pool. I think between the fireworks and the pool time, my brain finally registered that it is summer.



We had some general plans to go out Saturday. While sunning ourselves, we decided that that night would finally be the night we made it to Cava Mezze. And after a bit, I realized that Sona Creamery was also in the same neighborhood. Our evening plans were born!

We headed into the city a couple of hours before our dinner reservations to get a glass of wine and a cheese board from Sona. You guys, that place is INCREDIBLE. Awesome cheese plate, super friendly service, cool space (the picture below is a just a small section of the mural on the wall over the bar. The lady noticed this bit and marveled over how awesome it would be to have a cheese tree). We will be back. And that post will be up later this week.



We still had some time to kill before our dinner reservation, so we popped into Hill’s Kitchen so I could finally buy a proper muddler. Mojitos and Mint Juleps are our future! We strolled up and down Barracks Row to remind ourselves what  else is over there that we need to try. I’ll definitely be adding some things to the list and heading back over there soon.

The time finally came. The time to enjoy some really incredible food at Cava Mezze. I’m sad it took us so long to get there in the first place, but I’m glad we finally did. Everything we had was absolutely perfect. That post will be up this week. Mmmm.

Sunday morning started slowly. Neither the lady nor myself got in any hurry to get up and get moving, and it was awesome. As busy as I have to keep myself from feeling bored, I’m starting to appreciate having time to just not do anything. We finally motivated ourselves by mid afternoon and drove up to Riggs Park for Open House Sunday at our friends’ house. There were Mint Juleps while sitting on a porch. Is this even real life? That is the most perfect summer afternoon activity.

We had dinner plans with the SIL and her new husband at Mad Fox back in Falls Church. So, we took a tour back across the city and out to the suburbs. This was the first time we had seen them since the wedding, so it was nice to catch up. While there, we made some tentative plans to head to his family’s lake house soon. Ahhh, summer.

This weekend was confirmation that every weekend needs to be 3 days long. It gave us enough time to do all our responsible adult stuff, hang out with our friends and family, and still fit in a couple of naps. And the weather could not have been any better. A perfect weekend. Can we do it all over again in 5 days?



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