Asheville, NC Vacation Round Up Pt. 2

Find Part 1 of my Asheville Round up here!


On day 3, we made plans for brunch at Sunny Point with old friend and her person. We got to the neighborhood a few minutes early, so we made a quick stop by Waking Life Cafe. I’m not a coffee snob… I like plenty of cream and sweetener in my coffee, but it was pretty great coffee! And the cafe was in a house. I wish I had been able to just hang out with the laptop there.


I knew I wanted to get to Sunny Point, but also knew it was a popular place with the potential for having to wait. Old friend recommended we go just a little after lunch time on the week day and that it would be fine. And it was. We didn’t wait at all for our table outside on their patio. I had the huevos rancheros and the lady had the breakfast sandwich. The food was excellent- a perfect recovery to the late night. After brunch, we wandered around Sunny Point’s garden. It was huge and made me wish so badly that I had garden space.


Since we were already on that side of town, we decided that Wednesday was the day to explore West Asheville. Most of the places to visit in WAVL are other food places (and we were WAY too stuffed to eat anything else), but we found a couple of gems.

Our first stop was at Harvest Records. Their vinyl selection was absolutely incredible. We could have spent hundreds of dollars on records there. I resisted the urge, but did find a couple I had never seen anywhere else. SO good.


We drove Haywood St and wandered in and out of a couple of little shops. We stumbled upon Urban Orchard Cider Company. Despite still being uncomfortably full from brunch, we decided to stop and hang out for a while. We split a flight of 6 different ciders. They had a few unique ones that we really enjoyed. There was one called Ginger Champagne that the lady really like. They also had a couple that were hopped, which was really interesting. I like the Wit one. There was also a passionfruit one. Pretty great! The space was really cool and modern but also cozy. And the bartender was super friendly and chatty. It was a great surprise find.


After we finished our cider, we walked across the street to check out Wood and Spoon. It was a fun little store with some vintage home goods along with some made by local artists. I found a really cool vintage bottle opener for my dad as a birthday present.

Since it seemed like most of the rest of the things to do were food-related, we decided to revisit West Asheville later in the week and headed downtown to Malaprops. I think Malaprops is the kind of place that is loved by tourists and locals alike. It’s a really fantastic bookstore. I decided to pick up a book they had published, written piece by piece by several different local writers, Naked Came the Leaf Peeper. I haven’t read it yet, but the name caught my eye and it seemed like an interesting souvenir to have.

Before dinner, we retired back to the goats to relax before dinner. Gratuitous Goat Picture in 3, 2, 1…


In order to knock out a brewery and a meal at the same time, we had dinner at Wicked Weed. They were super crazy busy, but luckily we were able to get a seat immediately. We started with an order of boiled peanuts, which neither of us have ever had before. Interesting! As for beer I had the Coolcumber and the lady had the Reticent Saison. Mine was served with a slice of cucumber on it, and it was really excellent. Totally different and refreshing. You could definitely taste the cucumber. For food, I had a trout, pickled shallots, caper aioli, and arugula sandwich and the lady the turkey, grilled peaches, brie, and dijon sandwich. I also decided on a side of curry cauliflower rather than fries. And it was all amazing. I wasn’t expecting a brewpub to have such amazing food, but damn. I’m glad we decided to get food there.


After dinner, we spent some time wandering around downtown and saw some sites. Such as a mini Washington Monument.


We also dipped into Lexington Ave Brewery to grab a beer. We propped ourselves at the bar and I had a honey peach wheat and the lady had a saison. We didn’t stick around long, but I’m glad we did stop in. More delicious beer, still under $5.

Our next stop was when we discovered our most favorite spot on the whole trip, Top of the Monk. It’s a fancy cocktail bar above the beer bar, Thirsty Monk.



Top of the Monk had been recommended to us by 2 locals, so we knew it had to happen. The selling point: with every drink you order, you’re given a key to get a snack out of an old timey post office box.



The reason they do it has something to do with NC’s liquor laws/ serving food, but it was such a neat idea. You also have to be a member to get in. Which basically means you pay a dollar and sign up on the spot. My member card is one of my favorite souvenirs from the trip. Oh yeah, and most importantly: the drinks were fucking amazing. Between the two nights we visited, we put a good dent in the drink list/ specials board. And the lady bartender, Nikki, was incredible and friendly and charming (she mentioned that her father lives in Alexandria and she visits, I told her about some of my DC faves, so I hope to one day run into her here!). We spent a lot of time there that evening, and made a point to return on our last night.



On Thursday, we decided to head east to check out the tiny town of Black Mountain. It was only about a 20 minute drive from where we were staying, so we decided, why not?  We decided to get food at Veranda Cafe on recommendation of old friend. We were the youngest people there by at least 30 years, and we had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated, but the food was simple and delicious. After lunch, we wandered in and out of little shops, overheard some conversations that the lady said sounded like a Monty Python skit, and generally soaked up the cuteness and tiny-ness of Black Mountain. We neglected to take any pictures at all.

After lunch, we decided it was time to see some serious scenery, so we hopped onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and just drove. We stopped at every scenic overlook and took one zillion mountain photos. I can never get enough of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mountains were a huge part of why we decided to vacation in Asheville to begin with.




We drove until we got to Craggy Gardens, which is where we decided to hike the next day. It’s about 18 miles outside of AVL, but it was such a beautiful drive. Ugh, perfection.

On our way back to town, we decided to kill some time before breweries opened by taking a quick swing by Omni Grove Park Inn. I wanted to see the view on the Sunset Terrace.


I would have loved to have sat there all afternoon and sipped on cocktails, but those cocktails were steep even for DC prices and there were some pretty serious storm clouds rollin’ in behind us. Quick trip, now we can say we’ve seen it.

It was more than half way through our trip and we had only been to 3 of the approximately 1 zillion breweries in town, so we went hoppin’. Our first stop was at Greenman Brewing. I had a Jack Gold and the lady had I think, the ESB. We enjoyed them in the covered outdoor patio area.


Just as we were about to leave, it started POURING down rain. The storm clouds from Grove Park Inn found us. It was a quick summer storm and ended just as quick as it started. We stayed relatively dry on the basically one-block walk to Burial Brew Co.

This was another one of our favorite spots. The space was fairly austere and sparse, but there’s something about the vibe there. The lady and I both also loved the design of the logo. I can’t even explain it, there was just an overall feeling we got there that gave us positive vibes. This one also came more highly recommended than most others, and for good reason. The beer was excellent.


The lady had the Coconut Brown and I had something delicious as well, that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of. Whatever, Burial is worth a visit.

After our tiny tour de beer, we headed over for dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe. I know it’s an Asheville staple, but at this point it just feels so touristy. It came very highly recommended, but I wasn’t 100% sold on actually eating there. Every time we walked by it was just so packed.

Well, I’m certainly glad we did because it was probably the best food we had while we were in AVL. I see why it’s so highly recommended. I had fried catfish with grits and the lady had a veggie melt with cauliflower mash. We split an order of banana pudding for dessert. Sweet baby Jesus was it all delicious. Especially that banana pudding. Just like grandma would make from scratch.




After that amazing dinner, we went back to the few blocks o breweries and met up with another old friend at Twin Leaf Brewery.


This space was rather spacious and airy with huge windows. I had the White Noise. Yet more great beer, under $5. While we were there, I noticed a couple of ladies come in, one of them having a DC Flag tattoo on her arm. I sort of forgot about it until I went up to the bar to cash out and they complemented my shirt. I struck up a conversation with them and discovered that one of them is actually a manager at the Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown. Of course I’d meet someone who works BLOCKS from me while I was 500 miles from home. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her in there before too. Gotta get there soon to say hello!

ANYWAYS, other old friend gave us some more recommendations for places in West AVL. I’m certainly glad she did, because the two other places we went there during the trip were winners. More about that in Part 3!


Asheville, NC Vacation Round Up Pt. 1

You guys. Asheville, NC is a fantastic place. We spent last week eating, drinking, and exploring all the city had to offer. And there’s still so much left for next time! I’m going to move the blog to AVL this week to round up everything we did. Back to regularly scheduled DC-fare next week! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as we enjoyed our visit.


We rolled into town at about 2pm on Monday. We couldn’t check into our housing until 3, so we navigated to downtown to kill some time. We grabbed some ice cream at Kilwin’s and wandered. The guy who scooped our ice cream was super friendly, chatty, and had all sorts of recommendations for us. He tipped us off to one of our favorite places, a book store that’s also a wine bar! We checked into our adorable eco-studio out in east Asheville, met the owner, her dog, and her goats, several of which were babies. This ended up being one of the biggest perks of the whole trip! Goats are awesome, ya’ll.

IMG_0385 After the dog and goats jumped all over us, we unpacked, cleaned up, and I texted with a friend who recently moved away from AVL for dinner recommendations. I asked for a good pizza spot and she recommended we go to Asheville Brewing Company and check out Ben’s Tune Up afterward. We split a delightful pizza and had a couple of beers at Asheville Brewing. I had the Fire Escape, which was a jalapeño pale ale. Not too spicy, but with great flavor. The lady had the Rolands ESB. This was a perfect start to a week of really amazing beer and excellent food. Our server here also had some excellent recommendations, one of ended up being our very favorite bar in AVL. Chatting with strangers is not something that happens so much in DC, and it’s something I really enjoyed about being back in the south.   IMG_0383 Ben’s Tune Up is an interesting spot just around the corner. It’s a sort of indoor-outdoor bar that brews their own sake. IMG_0382   We sat at the bar and ordered a couple glasses of sake. I had the lemon ginger. It tasted a lot like ginger beer, so of course it was right down my alley. We weren’t feeling the vibe of the bar at the time. This bartender seemed slightly disinterested in us and it was a bar where I feel like I could have used some guidance, so we just had our sake and headed back to the goats. I really liked the space and feel like had the first impression been better, we would have gone back.  


On Tuesday, we decided to tackle the River Arts District. It’s a whole neighborhood along the river full of artists galleries and workspaces. IMG_0404 Mostly, I was just itchin’ to get to White Duck Taco Shop. I mean, RAD was really fun to wander through, but local artist neighborhoods like that tend to be pretty similar across different cities. It WAS nice to see the vibrant community and chat with the artists. And was tasty to get some tacos! We got there about 10 minutes after they opened and there was already a bit of a line. But we got in and we ordered all sorts of tacos! I ordered the lamb and feta and the fish taco. The lady had the steak and cheese and the thai chicken. My lamb taco was out of this world. IMG_0436 IMG_0438 After lunch and a morning/afternoon of walking around, we decided to take a driving tour to see some scenery. We followed this route. Up and over mountains, around curvy roads, and just a nice little drive. After our tour, we headed back downtown to the bookstore and champagne bar that the guy at Kilwin’s recommended, Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. We cozied up on a couch upstairs and enjoyed a couple of mimosas. This is a brilliant idea and I’m not sure why this doesn’t exist in more places. Oh, and it’s dog-friendly! Someone in DC, take note! I will be a regular! IMG_0426 We decided to grab dinner at Early Girl Eatery this night. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted breakfast for dinner, but ultimately decided to go as southern as I possibly could. Fried catfish, collard greens, grits, and a biscuit. Boy did it hit the spot. Perfect. I also had a Asheville Brewing Company Rocket Girl Lager, which came in an awesome can. Another tasty beer. The lady had a fried chicken sandwich. IMG_0439     IMG_0440 After dinner, we had plans to meet up with an old friend of mine (who I hadn’t seen in 6 years!) and her person. We weren’t sure how long it was going to take them to get ready and meet us, so we dipped into Lex 18, a MOONSHINE bar! for a drink to  kill time. They ended up getting there more quickly that we expected, so they just joined us there. We posted up at a table in the bar area and enjoyed the atmosphere. There was some low key live music going on, the lights were dim, the drinks were AWESOME, and it was nice to catch up. I had a couple of fruity muddled drinks and the lady had a couple of lemony drinks. And it was awesome. IMG_0442 IMG_0441 We wrapped up at Lex 18, and headed around the corner to The Social Lounge and Cocktail. They apparently had the best Old Fashioneds in town. The lady enjoyed hers. I honestly don’t remember what I had. I blame the moonshine. We were going to make one more stop, but were in need of sobering up before the drive back to the eco cottage. So the friend and her person took us to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. This was the perfect end to the evening, sobering up place! the lady and I split a brownie and marveled at how busy the place was for 10:30pm on a Tuesday night. The pic below was obviously taken during the day. We made another stop on our trip. It was that good. IMG_0421 After chocolates, we said our goodbyes, and headed home for the evening.

On day 3 of the trip, we discovered our very favorite spot in all of AVL, a private club cocktail bar above a popular beer bar. More about that In Pt. 2 of the round up!

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Coco Sala (Penn Quarter)

Coco Sala has been on my radar for a number of years. The lady LOVES chocolate (maybe more than she loves me), so a chocolate-themed restaurant is right down her alley. We finally got the chance to go when her aunt and uncle were in a town a few weeks ago. Her uncle works in the area but splits his time between here and PA. They have an apt in the city and sometimes her aunt comes down too. So when they’re both in town, we love getting dinner with them. They’re just as into exploring new restaurants and eating good food as we are.

This time, we suggested Coco Sala and a couple other places to them. They chose Coco Sala. We got to Penn Quarter straight after work and a couple of hours before dinner. We took that opportunity to explore the Portrait Gallery. It’s not my fave of all the museums, but I REALLY enjoyed the American Cool exhibit. And it was just nice to take in some art. We finished that up and still had time to kill, so we decided to go ahead to the restaurant and have drinks and a snack at the bar.

I ordered the Co Cojito, a chocolate mojito, and the lady had a glass of wine. We also had an order of the rosemary and parmesan fries to hold us over to our later-than-usual dinner time.

The mojito was amazing. The chocolate vodka was very subtle and was delicious with the mint, of course. But it also went surprisingly well with the lime. I could have just had those all night.

The fries were incredible, for an order of french fries. Salty, savory, slightly cheesy. And that dipping sauce, herb, chili, and garlic mayo. Yum.

We finished up at the bar and decided to go ahead and take our table. They weren’t too terribly busy, so they seated us before our full party was there. It was super dark (romantic) in the dining room, so the rest of my pictures are pretty lame. Let us charge forward.

Our companions arrived and we spent some time studying the menu. It took some time, but we all finally decided. Uncle and I both went with the Prawns and Grits (I have to admit, it was the coco nib and chive biscuit that sold me), Aunt ordered the scallops, and the lady ordered the strawberry caprese flatbread.


The prawns and grits were pretty good. Not quite as delicious as I had hoped, it could have benefited from the salt, but not bad! The biscuit was a touch on the dry side for me, but creative. The pepper sauce on the plate beside the biscuit was tasty. Basically, just dump it all over everything. Uncle seemed to really, really enjoy this dish.


The lady’s flatbread was very tasty. Even better than she expected it to be. She kept making comments about how the strawberries were an excellent substitution for tomatoes. Aunt also really loved her scallops. I was diagonal across the table from her and she seemed slightly unamused with my picture taking, so there’s no photo evidence.

Despite all being kind of full, we knew there was no way to get out of there without dessert, so we charged forward. These were the most difficult decisions we made.


The lady ordered the ‘Some More Coco. The s’mores creme brûlée bit on the left was her favorite.

The sticky toffee pudding cake and ginger caramel ice cream sold me on the The Sticky Situation. The cake wasn’t as toffee-esqe as I had hoped, but that ice cream was amazing.


Uncle had the Latin Love Affair. He seemed to enjoy it. That passion fruit bon bon sounds amazing.

Aunt had the Co Co Grown Up. The chocolate peanut butter gelato was incredible, and so was the bananas foster. The cupcake seemed like a bit of overkill, and I don’t think more than a bite or two of it was consumed. I think she definitely won for most delicious dessert. I will have to try that next time.

My entree wasn’t quite as mind-blowing as I had expected, and I think the other desserts were better choices than mine, but everyone seemed to enjoy everything. Aunt and Uncle were pleased and happy that we recommended the place. Maybe I should go back and try again?

  • Favorite thing I had: Probably the chocolate mojito or the fries we had before our other companions arrived.
  • Favorite thing she had: She really enjoyed her flatbread, really refreshing and nice. She also liked the s’mores bit of her dessert.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: More of the desserts. That’s probably about the only reason we’d go back. Either that or maybe for flatbreads, with drinks and desserts.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): If we happen to be in the neighborhood and are craving dessert. I don’t think we’d make a special trip, unless the lady’s aunt and uncle want to go back.

i-Thai (Georgetown)

With the closing of the beloved (at least by people at my company) Bangkok Joes at Washington Harbour, there’s now a space for a new Thai restaurant to fill the void. And, enter i-Thai. My co-worker, C, took notice when Garrett’s closed and kept her eye on the space to see what it would become. Eventually a sign in the window announced that it would be i-Thai. But it took months, if not a year before it actually opened. Once you see inside, you can see why. It looks completely different from dark and dingy Garrett’s. It’s bright, clean, and modern. Even nicer on the inside than I imagined.

We did a work happy hour there a few weeks ago. We took over about half of the upstairs, loungey area. This area is basically entirely windows all around with comfy couches as seating. It was perfect when our group whittled down to about 6 people. They also have really excellent, cheap HH specials. Food and drinks range from $2.50-$5. I had like 4 beers and 2 spicy tuna rolls for under $30.  The spicy tuna roll wasn’t the best I had ever had, but the spring rolls, chicken satay, and other HH apps were pretty tasty.

Best boy friend, P, recently requested my presence for a lunch date.  and we narrowed our options down to Rialto or i-Thai. Rialto wasn’t open for lunch, so i-Thai it was! We got a seat upstairs next to the sushi bar. I was tempted give sushi another shot, but decided to go Thai this time instead. After looking over the like 3 menus they have (too many, it’s a bit much to look through and decide between), I resisted the urge to order Drunken Noodles (the lady makes fun of the fact that’s usually what I order when we eat Thai) and went with the Pineapple Curry  (who’s surprised? pineapple). P went with one of the bento box-like things so he could try multiple things.


The curry was really, really excellent. Just spicy enough, creamy. The sweetness of the pineapple complemented the curry really well. The veggies were cooked well and gave just a little crunch.

The box really looked like the way to go. I didn’t want to spend like $17 on lunch, but it was an awesome way to try a little bit of everything. I tried the Drunken Noodles, which were good, and spicy! And the teriyaki salmon. A little bit crispy, cooked well, with a tasty sauce. P was absolutely thrilled with everything. He did find out, via the TV behind my head, about LeBron signing with Cleveland while we were there. He was really excited about that, so that may have skewed his rating a little bit. But it WAS good.

  • Favorite thing I had: My curry was great. His salmon was also good. I’d like to have more of that.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: I think I want to give the sushi another try. I also want to try the bento boxes for myself. And the drunken noodles, of course.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): I imagine this is going to be an every few month lunch destination. Those happy hour specials are hard to beat.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Swing by Baked and Wired for a treat after lunch!



Beginning of Vacation Weekend Round Up

My brain started switching into vacation mode on about Wednesday last week. I’ve found myself to occasionally be really cranky about having to be at work and do my job for about the past 3 weeks. It is time to head south to Asheville, NC and enjoy nature and a slower pace.

I only had a few things left to wrap up on Friday, so I thought it would be nice to take advantage of Bullfrog Bagels pop up being active and make a stop there before work to pick up some bagels for a the lady, myself, and a couple of co-workers. We got to CakeLove a little early to pick up the bagels, so we wandered to The Wydown to grab some coffee. As soon as we stepped into the space, I wished that I could just spend the whole day there by their big open sliding door.


We sat for a bit and enjoyed the coffee, cool air, and morning sun. It was a great start to the morning. Bonus: they spelled my name correctly on the cup.



We swung back by, and  picked up our bagels. I neglected to get a picture of the actual bagels, but they were still hard at work baking them when we picked ours up.


The lady and I split up and headed to our respective workplaces. I bagel-fairy’ed, and then sat down to my fresh, still-warm, DELICIOUS, bagel. I’m kind of sad I’ll be out of town for the rest of the duration of the pop-up.

For lunch, I made plans with a friend for at El Centro. That’s always wonderful and certainly helped the work day pass more quickly.

After work, the lady and I made plans to try somewhere new for dinner and visit an old favorite before we left down. We grabbed dinner at SUNdeVICH. I was not the slightest bit hungry after my late lunch at El Centro, but the sandwiches were good! I definitely want to get back there soon.



After dinner, we strolled to Mockingbird Hill to see our friends there. It had been a couple of weeks, so we wanted to make a trip before we skipped town for a week. While we were walking, I texted a friend who lives in the neighborhood and she agreed to join us there. Unexpected hangouts are one of my very favorite things.



We had a couple of drinks and called it a relatively early night. We had to get home and get laundry started so we could pack for our trip!

On Saturday morning, I met up with a co-worker who was staying in Old Town for the weekend, for coffee at Waterfront Market.


We sat on their outdoor patio and enjoyed the sun and all the various doggies that wandered past. I mentioned that I needed to run up to the Farmer’s Market to pick up a watermelon for a cookout later in the day. Co-worker readily joined me due to the number dogs she saw there when we walked past to meet me for coffee. We made the loop, snacked on some samples, and I grabbed a nice 14lb watermelon.

When I got back to the apt from my coffee date and watermelon purchase, the lady and I hopped in the car and headed up to Glover Park for brunch at Slate Wine Bar. We had purchased a deal on for their prix fixe brunch for 2 with bottomless drinks, and figured the day before vacation was as good as any to redeem it.

I realized after I had placed my order that I basically ordered dessert for all 3 courses. It’s ok, I started with a bloody mary (a very strong one) to balance out all the sweet. That post will be up eventually.

After brunch, there was a little bit of laundry, a little bit of packing, and a little bit of napping. We woke up from our naps to head to a cookout. A high school friend of mine lives with her boyfriend less than 10 minutes from us. It’s so crazy to me that we ended up so close to each other 250 miles from home (via Canada, for her!). Our apt is closer to her house than our parents houses were in the small town we grew up in. Catching up with a friend from home was a great way to ease into our southern vacation. There were southern accents, country music, and chat about home.

Sunday morning we got out of bed, got ready, and headed toward the first stop of our vacation: Roanoke! Rather than doing the full 8-hour trip in one day, we’re splitting it in half. We may as well! My parents are here and it’s pretty much directly in the middle. Nice that I’m able to fit in a couple of visits with my parents on either end of the trip.

Monday morning, we’ll be on our way to Asheville! We’re planning to stop in Abingdon, VA for lunch and then onward to our destination. I’m so excited to explore a new city, enjoy the mountains, fresh air, talk to strangers, drink some beer, just get away for a week, and of course share it all on the blog next week. (This week will be a couple of posts that have been backlogged).

Feel free to share any must-sees, dos, hikes, drinks!

Scion (Silver Spring)

We don’t usually go to shows at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. It’s not our favorite venue and well, it’s in Silver Spring. But when the lady’s favorite band of all time was playing their DC show there, not going was not an option.  We decided to make an evening of it and had dinner before the show. We looked at our options and decided on Scion.

We went early so we had plenty of time to eat before the show. That put us there at about 4:45. We were going to just sit at the bar until 5, but when we walked in, we were reminded that it was the World Cup final game, and the bar was packed. Luckily, we were able to be seated and just had to wait a few minutes for the dinner menu to go into effect.

We started with a couple of drinks and the edamame hummus.



I had the Clockwork Oranje. I remember the name but don’t remember what was in it. Orange vodka, citrus, a couple other things. It was light. It got watered down kind of quickly, but I enjoyed it. The lady ordered the Washington Bulleit. Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Leopold’s Apple Whiskey, Mint, Strawberry, Lime. It was also VERY tasty. I was jealous.




The hummus was excellent. It was surprisingly flavorful. We only got it because the dinner menu wasn’t ready, but I’m glad we did. It was so good.

For entrees, I decided on the Fig Balsamic Salmon.

The fish was cooked perfectly with crispy edges, the drizzle was perfectly sweet and sour, and that potato medley was great. It was so much tastier than I even expected.  The broccoli I could have done without, but the rest was so good.


The risotto was delicious. It was cooked just right and she really liked the squash. She also said the egg was nice. And I also got to eat most of the mushrooms out of it. They were great.

For some reason, I was only expecting the experience to be mediocre. I have no idea why, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Everything was really simple yet tasty, the service was excellent, and the restaurant was comfortable. We’ll definitely be back. Well, maybe to the one in Dupont instead. It’s closer to home.

  • Favorite thing I had: The fish or the hummus!
  • Favorite thing she had: The risotto.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The spicy yogurt chicken sounded really great. I’d also like to try more of the cocktails.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): We might end up at the one in Dupont again in a few months. I also realized while we were there that they also own Crios Modern Mexican in Dupont. We’re more likely to try that before we repeat.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): We went to a show at The Fillmore, which was about a 5 minute drive away. We also passed the Denizens Brewing Co on our way to dinner. Other than that, I have no idea. Piratz Tavern? (That’s a joke, has anyone seen that episode of Bar Rescue?)

Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers Lunch (Georgetown)

I’ve been to Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers a number of times. For First Bake, drinks after work, a goodbye party, etc. I finally made it there for lunch with one of my co-workers. It seemed like a good bet for a nice refreshing, light lunch. Their menu is so huge that you can pretty much go there no matter what your mood.

I was a bit surprised that they didn’t have their outdoor seating open for this not-too-hot lunch service, but I can understand keeping things smaller for lunch. We got a seat inside, sat down, and spent some time studying the menu. The menu can be overwhelming, but I had already told myself I was going to stick to salad! I chose the one that seemed like it would have the most veggies, called Drag Through the Garden. I also decided to try some of the Farmhouse Sushi, so I ordered the Tiki Jack: Compressed Pineapple, Mango Lime Salsa, Ponzu Sauce, Cilantro.


I was a bit surprised that it was dressed with a french type dressing, but I love that stuff, so I had no complaints. The salad had plenty of crunchy elements and was really tasty.


I’m not usually one to order sushi that’s not in a roll, but I was feeling brave, and also, how do you pass up fruit salsa? Everything was so crisp and fresh. My meal felt like splash of cool water to the face.

My coworker ordered the Kale Salad with pickled shrimp. She was a little hesitant about the pickled shrimp, but it ended up being quite delicious! It’s certainly an option I’ll keep in mind for myself next time.


FFB is definitely my favorite Georgetown Waterfront spot right now. You can get any meal of the day there, it’s always delicious and made with high quality, fresh ingredients. And the drink menu (tikis! scorpions! a huge beer list!) is crazy impressive. You can end up spending quite a bit of money there, so it’s not an every day option. But, it’s worth it when you do make it there!

I’ve been in a tiki mood recently. I think our next trip there will be for some delightful cocktails!