Lunch and Coffee at Mockingbird Hill (Shaw)

It is no secret that Mockingbird Hill is our absolute favorite bar in the city. She loves the sherry, I love the cocktails on tap, and we both love the friendly service. When they started their coffee and lunch services, I knew we had to get over there to try it out. I work half-way across the city and she works even further, so it was either dip out of work one day, or just wait until we had a weekday off. When the lady and I decided to take the entire day off before her sister’s evening bridal shower, we knew we had to fit in a trip to our favorite bar to check out the daytime offerings.

I ran some errands, we packed the car for our trip, and we were off. It felt weird to walk into the bar before noon, but I am not complaining! We sat down and perused the menu and started with drinks. I had been really curious about the Kenya Cola (Kieni coffee, sugar, bitters, soda water)  after seeing this article, so I decided on that. The idea of something tasting a like cola, but without the cloying sweetness (I stopped drinking soda several months ago, so it just tastes like pure syrup to me now) sounded so perfect. The lady went with the White Columbian (El Desarollo coffee, sugar, cream, egg white)





Neither drink came quickly. There is a lot of work that goes into crafting these beverages. I see why they insist that you sit down and take your time. Both drinks were absolutely amazing. I was unsure of the Kenya Cola on first sip, but the next sip brought out the complex flavors of the coffee. I could had stood it being a touch sweeter, but it was still great.

Her drink was absolutely amazing. Sweet, creamy, foamy. It took everything in me to not drink all of hers. I almost got one for myself, but two coffee drinks at lunch time would have had me up all night. I will certainly be back for that one. I may even have to dip out for a long coffee break from work one day.

We also decided to grab lunch while we were there. I decided on the Tuna sandwich. I forgot to take a pic of the menu, and I don’t recall what else was in the tuna mixture. It was like a super tasty , high end tuna salad sandwich. As soon as I was finished with it, I wanted another one. So good!




She had the lomo sandwich. It had lomo ham, bitter greens, pickled raisins, and some sort of aioli. It was salty and sweet and really delicious. She said she’d like to eat it every day.


We also had the pickled snacks as a side. Different every time, always a great choice! Just a nice few bites.


  • Favorite thing I had: My tuna sandwich and her beverage, the White Columbian. I’ve been craving both ever since.
  • Favorite thing she had:  Her drink and her lomo sandwich. She’s also been craving them. I’m really surprised we haven’t been back this week as much as we’ve both been craving everything.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: I’d like to try a coffee flight. I love coffee, but with lots of cream and sugar, so I think it’s time to start appreciating good coffee for what it is. I’d also like to try their other sandwich option. I think it had mushrooms? It was a veggie option.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): If we lived there, we’d just spend all our money at Mockingbird Hill. We’d be there every day. Most of the bartenders are starting to recognize us… can I just move in now?

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