A Wedding Weekend Round Up

Last weekend started on Thursday for the lady and I. We took the last two days of the week off to pack, get prepped for, and head out to Purcellville for the lady’s sister’s wedding.

We didn’t actually have to be anywhere until Thursday evening, so we took that time to do a couple of things we had been meaning to do for a while. We started with a trip to Mockingbird Hill to try out their coffee service and lunch. It was the most perfect start to a wonderful weekend. That post will be coming up later this week.



After we were properly fed and caffeinated, we hit the road. We realized that we were going to beat everyone else to the farmhouse/ bridal shower location, so we decided that since we were in wine country, that a wine tasting was in order. We chose Sunset Hills Vineyard because it was the closest to the farmhouse. We did a full tasting and then decided to buy a bottle of rose, cheese, and crackers. We sat out on their covered porch and enjoyed the wine and cheese while we watched it pour rain. It was a perfect afternoon.


On Friday, we had some more time to kill after a little bit of initial set up for the wedding, so we headed over to Purcellville for lunch at Market Burger and Catoctin Creek Distillery for a tasting and a tour. Well, the lunch destination wasn’t planned, but we stumbled upon Market Burger and I’m so glad we did. It was DELICIOUS. We found out during our tour that the cows used for burgers there are fed the leftover rye from Catoctin. How cool is that? That post is also coming later this week.


Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner and Saturday was the wedding, so we were pretty occupied. The wedding was at Stoneleigh Golf Course and Country Club. It was an absolutely beautiful space and the service there was top notch. The wedding could not have been any more perfect. I just can’t get over the massive amount of love I felt all weekend. I love the lady’s family so much and so appreciate how much they make me feel like part of the family. It’s so comfortable with them and I always get so excited and look forward to seeing them all.  And so awesome to get to meet so much of his family! I hope I get to see more of them as well, since they live in the area. It was such an honor to be able to stand beside the bride as one of her bridesmaids. I’m so excited that she lives in the area now and that I have a brother in law! I can’t wait for them to get back from their honeymoon so we can commence hanging out all the time.

I won’t even admit to where we went for lunch (a :gasp: CHAIN restaurant) with the family on Sunday. We were in the suburbs and I needed a place that could easily accommodate 14 people. It was the best of my limited options.

After lunch, we headed home and climbed straight into bed to recover from the long weekend. I managed to pick up a cold from one of the other bridesmaids, so I was down and out for the rest of Sunday and even Monday. With another busy week/weekend ahead, I’m just counting down the days to vacation in just over a month. Whew!




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