Shakin’ it up

Yesterday was my 50th post. For only having been “in business” for 2 months, that’s a lot of posts! It feels like a good base on which to build a blog but it has begun to feel pretty fast and furious. And it’s a lot of calories consumed and dollars spent. So, I think it’s time to slow it down a little bit. It’s like when you scarf down a meal as quickly as possible, you don’t have time to savor the experience. Trying to hit 4-5 new spots in a week to have blog content doesn’t allow for as much time for enjoying them. Nor does it allow us to return to our favorites as much as we would like. So, I’m thinking 3-5 posts per week, just depending on what I’ve been getting into. Sound good to you? Great!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow! I’ll be talking about one of my verrrrry favorite things! Pizza!


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