Tasty Kabob Food Truck (DC)

We’ve been getting lucky lately in Georgetown and have been able to get lunch from food trucks for the past couple of Fridays. Food trucks don’t frequent the neighborhood, I assume because of the lack of parking plus the high density of restaurants already in the area. I think (hope!!) they’re starting to realize that you can actually find parking, and that the people of the neighborhood are tired of all the brick and mortar places / ready for more cheap eats.


This day, I got the word from co-worker C, that Tasty Kabob was going to be parked on our block. It was perfect! I hadn’t packed a lunch and had planned to buy lunch but hadn’t decided what I wanted. It was nice that the decision was made for me. And I had been craving a gyro for weeks. We gathered the team and headed outside for lunch. After looking over the menu, most of us decided on the lamb gyro. One of the co-workers went with chicken. When we ordered, they asked if we wanted all toppings and spicy. I went all in.



Food came really quickly and we walked over to sit at the tables at Washington Harbour. We dug right in. Above is the lamb gyro and the chicken pita. The spicy was a little bit different than I had ever had on a gyro, but it was good! Pretty spicy. It was a little messy, and I got gyro all over my shirt, but worth it. The lamb was nice and tender (it looked like it had been chopped off of a spit.) I really hope food truck Friday becomes a thing because I’m enjoying it!


  • Favorite thing I had: Well, all I had was the lamb gyro, but it was really good!
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: Maybe the chicken or lamb over rice. I’d like to try the chickpeas side.
  • What makes this truck stand out: It was a halal truck. And they’re one of the few that ventured to Georgetown. We asked how often they came and they said that was actually their first time there.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): Next time I’m craving a gyro and they’re nearby!

All pics courtesy of co-worker, C.


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