Holy Cow (Del Ray)

A couple weekends ago, the lady and I were trying to decide on a good, cheap lunch option close to home. I was torn between sushi or burgers. Two very different things, I know. I settled on burgers and chose Holy Cow in Del Ray, since we hadn’t been there in several months. And the name makes me giggle.

It was pretty busy with tons of families. I had been hoping it wouldn’t be so hopping since it was a bit after lunch, but alas. There was not a long line to order, so that was nice. There are several options. They have a menu with several burger recipes and also the ability to craft your own with several meat options besides just beef. I decided to craft my own and I settled on a regular burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, BBQ sauce, and blue cheese. (I did this because most their burgers lack the veggies, and I prefer to balance it out) The lady also went make her own regular burger with the veggies and swiss cheese. We decided to split the smallest order of regular fries.




It did take a while to get our burgers (they give you a playing card to take to a table and bring you your food). So we’re lucky I even have a pic of it, because I was SO HUNGRY. The order of fries was a wee bit small to split, but we made do. And the burgers were delightful. The meat was juicy, and the bun was just the perfect size and thickness for the burger. I sort of want to drop everything and go have one now.

  • Favorite thing I had: Well, my burger. Blue cheese and BBQ sauce were a good combo.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: I feel like I should give their turkey burger a try. They also have really interesting burger of the week, combinations. A milkshake!
  • What makes this place stand out: The fact that they donate 25 cents per burger to local charities is awesome! You choose the charity from a huge list, tell them the number, and it’s done.  It also sits beside it’s sister restaurant, Pork Barrel BBQ and has some nice outdoor seating at picnic tables.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): It will be in the weekend lunch rotation.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): We checked out Happy Tart, gluten-free bakery just across the street. Neither of us are gluten free, but the treats were pretty tasty anyway.

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