A Weekend in Roanoke, Part 1: The Food

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As much as I love DC, there’s another place that also holds the designation as “home” in my heart. That place is Roanoke, VA. I technically grew up in Salem, but went to college at Hollins University in Roanoke- so the whole area is home. I’ve been away for almost 6 years, but am still absolutely charmed by the city every time I go to visit. The mountains, the people, the architecture. It’s all great. Like I mentioned in my post about The River and Rail, things seem to be picking up just in the past couple of years. Maybe it’s because I was blind to things when I actually lived there, but I really think the city is improving and growing. And man do I miss those mountains. So much so that I’ve tattooed them permanently onto my arm. They’re always with me.


I made a trip home over Memorial Day Weekend and thought that would be a good time to take a bunch of pictures for a post to share some of my favorite things about the city with you. I’ll be splitting this into 2 or 3 posts to make sure I cover everything. First, the food!!

The River and Rail


I’ve already written a whole post about the wonderful River and Rail. Seriously. The best food I’ve ever had in Roanoke in my entire life. It’s one of the reasons I know Roanoke is on the right path.


Texas Tavern

Texas Tavern is a dive joint just on the edge of the center of downtown Roanoke. As you can see from the picture, you can get a full meal for well under $5. The menu isn’t huge, but it’s perfect late-night or hangover food.  There is only one row of stools, so if you get there during a busy time, you might be waiting for a bit, but it’s so worth it. I recommend a Cheesy Western with (this means with onions) and a bowl of Chile.


Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea


Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea is were Roanokers fulfilled their coffee needs WELL before Roanoke got its first Starbucks (which wasn’t until I was in college, so 2006?). I’ve spent many hours sitting in each of the locations (there are about 5 all over Roanoke, Salem, Daleville, and beyond the Roanoke Valley), doing homework, hanging out with friends, just killing time because there was nowhere else to be. The menu is huge, any coffee, tea, smoothie, drink you could possibly want. They also have some pretty great baked goods and even sandwiches and salads. It’s definitely a place to dip into if you find yourself near one.


The Market Building


The city market building sits in the very center of downtown and was just remodeled a few years ago.  It basically serves as a food court for downtown. There’s a great variety of things there, everything from noodles and dumplings to vegetarian fare to subs to hot dogs. Anything you could want. I recommend Fork in the Market and Firefly Fare.


Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint


I first went to Jack Brown’s just before we left town to head to our New Year Eve plans. It’s also in the center of downtown. My parents had been recently and told me all about it. They had really creative burger toppings and a great craft beer selection. Burgers and beer, can’t beat that! It was a perfect meal to end our Christmas visit.


Veranda Bistro


Oh, the bistro. I’ve talked a little about it before and I’m sure I’ll do a whole post on it in the future. It’s located a few miles from downtown, near Hollins University. It’s actually tucked in beside a gas station, but don’t let that fool you. I started working there just a couple months after they opened and worked there for all of college. It’s where I really learned how to cook- where I learned how to toss pizza dough and how to properly season food. If you want good greek comfort food, this is your place. The pizza and calzones are my favorite and the baklava is to die for.  Greek Night is certainly worth checking out. If you do go, tell Irene and Chris that Melody says hello. And see if you can find my picture framed in the restaurant. Oh, and make sure you sit on the veranda if the weather is nice and take in that amazing view of Tinker Mountain.




Ah, Macado’s. This is one of the places I have missed the most since I moved away. I’ve found other sandwich places in DC with huge menus, but I still haven’t found a sandwich that rivals my ‘Do’s favorite, the Bobagger. I’ve been ordering it consistently for like 15 years and haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I’ve had a lot of great times at Macado’s- it’s a great place to go with a group. I celebrated my 21st birthday there, and still to this day, marvel that you can get a pitcher of Blue Moon for under $10. Just imagine how cheap a pitcher of Miller Lite is…

This is obviously not an exhaustive list of all the places to eat in Roanoke, there are so many I missed! These are just the ones I keep returning to time and time again. So Roanoker’s, what did I miss? What do I need to try next time I’m in town? I’ve heard A LOT about Lucky. It’s definitely on the list for my next trip. Some other friends of mine have been talking about Thelma’s Chicken and Waffles, too.

Up next, Roanoke: The Sights!


Out of Town- The River and Rail (Roanoke)

This Memorial Day weekend, I decided to head home to Roanoke/Salem, VA to visit my parents. I’m putting together a post all about stuff to do in Roanoke if you happen to find yourself there, but first a review of some of the best food I’ve ever had there.

It seems like since I’ve moved away from Roanoke, things have really come up. Well, that’s not entirely true. Very shortly after I moved away, the recession seemed to hit pretty hard. There were lots of empty store fronts and a once bustling downtown Roanoke seemed sort of dead for a while. But I’ve noticed in the past couple of years that things have picked back up, and the dining scene is really bringing its A-game. In the past year or so, I’ve been hearing about certain places repeatedly. River and Rail is one that kept coming up and after getting a recommendation from Roanoke foodie John Park that I should try their brunch, I was sold. I made the reservation for my parents and I before I even hit the road. John also connected with me Chef Aaron Deal on Twitter. The morning of, I was chatting with Chef Deal via tweet. I told him it would be fantastic to meet him if he had a chance to step out of the kitchen, the time of my reservation, and my name.


We arrived a bit early for our 11:30 reservation and were seated at a fantastic table in the front window. My first impression of the place was just “this is a great space!” I particularly liked that the kitchen was open to the dining room.


Since we were early, they started us the with Snacks and Drinks menu. Mom and I ordered their drink special, the MoreMosas. A mimosa with strawberry puree, vodka, and St. Germain. It was a fantastic twist on a mimosa. And I’m going to make them at home.


We also started with the Jar of Pickles, which was a mason jar of assorted pickled veggies. We dug in too quickly for me to get a picture of that. It had celery, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, beets, radishes, onions, etc. It was surprisingly delightful. Mom and I really loved the mushrooms. They were a touch sweet, which balanced out the pickle.

After we placed the order for our starter, the clock struck 11:30 and they brought us the menu. We decided on 3 different dishes and 2 sides, so that we could get a good variety of things. I went with the Crab Eggs Benedict on Buttermilk biscuit, Mom went with the Vegetable Omelet, and Dad went with the Brioche French Toast with strawberries, hazelnuts, and maple syrup.  We ordered the Carolina Rice Grits and bacon as sides to split.







Several of the dishes came in little cast iron pans, as you can see in the pictures. I thought it was charming plating. It did, however, give my dish a slightly metallic taste in the first bite or two. Besides that, the biscuit was huge, and delightful, because you know, biscuit. The crab meat was excellent, and was nice big chunks. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the hollandaise awesome, and the spinach a perfect balance to everything. The grits were super creamy and flavorful. It was a nice cross between grits and risotto. Dad’s french toast was amazing. It was super fluffy and just covered in delightful things and therefore was just delicious. Mom’s omelet was served with a little salad on the side. It was lighter than the other two dishes, but jam-packed full of flavor. The bacon left a little to be desired. It was very thinly cut, and was sort of chewy. Dad read my mind and said that had it been thicker cut, it would have been perfect.

My parents do love food, but aren’t in the habit of going fancy and spending a lot of money on it. I don’t blame them, in Roanoke, it’s hit or miss as to whether or not it’s  going to be worth it. However, they were both thouroughly impressed with River and Rail and I can’t wait to get back for dinner next time I’m in town.

The kitchen was fairly busy the entire time we were there, so I wasn’t sure if Chef Deal would even have time to check his Twitter. I could have just walked up to the exposed kitchen and said hello, didn’t want to bother him. Very shortly after we left, I got a tweet back saying that he looked up and we were gone. I was so impressed that he would take the time to seek us out and respond to me. I love supporting businesses run by nice people. I will certainly be back to meet him and enjoy more of his delicious food.


  • Favorite thing I had: The pickled veggies were really interesting, way more so than I expected. The rice grits were awesome! The bite I had of Dad’s french toast made me super jealous I didn’t order it. My benedict was good- you can’t beat eggs, crab, and hollandaise on a BISCUIT!
  • Favorite thing the parents had: Dad really enjoyed his French Toast. He said it was nice and fluffy and just sweet enough with the strawberries and maple syrup. Mom was thoroughly impressed by all of it. Her faves were the pickled mushrooms, the grits, and her omelet.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The dinner menu! The Country Ham Board.
  • And how was the service?: The service was absolutely perfect. The server was attentive without being annoying. At no point did we ever need a thing.
  • What makes this place stand out: It’s some serious, high-caliber food in a place that you might not expect it. I go to awesome places in DC all the time, and I was super impressed with this. It’s not just great for Roanoke, it’s just great.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): If I lived in town, I’d probably try to get there about once per month. It is a bit pricey for the area, even for somewhere the lady and I would go on the regular- at least the dinner menu. The brunch menu was affordable. That being said, I think I’ll be able to convince the parents to go a little bigger than usual for dinner there next time I’m in town.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): There’s not too much nearby. There’s a cupcake shop called Bubble Cake about half a block away. It’s a pretty easy trip up Mill Mountain to the Star from here too. Or you could just pop back downtown.

Mad Momos (Columbia Heights)

I discovered Mad Momos  this football season. They were one of the team sponsors. The name and logo caught my attention. Was it a new gay bar? (Sort of, it’s very gay friendly) My curiosity was piqued enough to check out the menu. Once I did, I saw that it was different from everything else, and I knew I had to try it. I emailed the owners and co-owner Sam, e-mailed me back. He was very receptive to us coming in and trying it out so I could write a post. He made sure to let me know which nights he’d be there so that we could meet. It’s a lot of fun to be able to put a face to a concept. I think it makes the experience more enjoyable. It also makes me feel like a baller 🙂

So, as I learned from the website, it’s a pan-Asian restaurant that specializes in dumplings called momos. They are steamed and then fried. We didn’t end up trying them, but we will next time.



My first impression of the place was that the space is great and I want to just move in there and have it be my house. It very much has a loft feel, eclectic furniture and all. We walked in and were greeted by a a very casual, friendly, fabulous host. He gave us our pick of tables, and I chose one close to the front of the restaurant. The weather was absolutely perfect and with those windows open, I was pretty blissed out.

I was excited to see that the cocktail menu was all drinks with sparkling wine. I settled on one called the She’s Out of my Life- sparkling wine, OJ, and papaya juice. It was light and just sweet enough. I think I need to start keeping papaya juice at home for this very purpose. The lady went with a beer.


We decided against appetizers for calorie consumption reasons and went straight for main entrees. I was tempted to go vegan just to see if they do it well, but think I’ll save that for when I go there with an actual vegan. Instead I went with the Wasabi-cucumber fish and she went with the Curry Chicken Naan-Mi served with tater tots. (Which I forgot to get a picture of, ugh). They actually initially brought out the wrong entree for me, but it was very quickly remedied and another drink was delivered with my corrected entree. It gave me a chance to steal bites of  and enjoy the lady’s sandwich.

The rice was a touch dry, and the slaw didn’t stand out, but dear god, that fish was DELICIOUS. I ate it slowly and savored every bite. Her Naan-Mi was also really excellent.

We did decide on dessert, just because the Mojo Apples (granny smith apple fritters with a guava drizzle, served a la mode was way too good to pass up.


It was as delicious as it sounded. The tartness of the apple cut the sweetness of the ice cream and batter. The drizzle was tropical, tart, and sweet. And ice cream is just awesome with anything fried.

When we finished up, the server brought our check in an old CD jewel case. Momos strives to be eco friendly, and this is just one of the ways they decided to recycle. A cute idea, and a bit of a conversation piece.

I knew that they had an upstairs beer deck, and so after we finished, we hiked the stairs to check it out. This space is even more fantastic than the downstairs. There’s a tiny front porch with a few tables and also a whole roof deck out back. There’s another bar up there, as well as more eclectic furniture, lots of wood, plants, and light. Just awesome.


  • Favorite thing I had: The fried Tilapia on my main course. My drink was really tasty too.
  • Favorite thing she had:  The Curry Chicken Naan Mi. The sauce was flavorful but not too spicy.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: We want to go back for brunch. Also, we really should try the momos. The mango and pineapple pulled pork naan mi is right down my alley.
  • What makes this place stand out: The space is absolutely incredible. I just wanted to move in and take it as my home. The upstairs is so airy and bright, but still warm. They also have a number of vegan options on their menu. The CD jewel cases they use to deliver checks to the table are cute. The art on the walls is all local artists. Right now, it’s actually the art of one of the co-owners.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): We’ll be back within a month for brunch. I also want to take my trainer there to try their vegan options.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Red Derby is just up a block across the street. A perfect place to get a beer or two after dinner. The main drag of CoHi is also just about 5 blocks south. You could definitely do vegan dinner here, and vegan dessert at Sticky Fingers.

Pork Barrel BBQ (Del Ray)

I decided to take last Friday off from work after having a couple of really long work weeks. I had all sorts of grand plans to take a bike ride and do things outdoors, but the weather gods had other plans and decided this would be perfect timing for a nice huge spring storm. It did clear up later in the day, but at that point, I realized that the lady had accidentally taken the key for the storage unit with her to work. That’s ok, I found plenty of other things to do to occupy my time.

At some point in the day, I started getting a ridiculous hankering for BBQ (chicken and potato salad in particular). I’ll blame it on all the summery thoughts brought on by visiting Nicecream Factory earlier in the day. I did some internet research and laid out all the BBQ options in the metro area. Since I was off from work, I was already in Alexandria, so Pork Barrel BBQ came up the obvious answer. When the lady got home from work we headed over to Del Ray.

When we walked into the restaurant, I was surprised at how… nice? it was. I’m not sure why, but I think I just assumed since it was a fast casual place, the finishings wouldn’t be so nice. Lots of stone and wood. There was also a full sized bar that ran the full length of one side of the restaurant. We decided to saddle up at the bar and take advantage of their happy hour specials.


We started with a couple of $2 “Old School Cans.” They had a selection of about 6 different beers. Craft cans were $4. You really can’t beat that. We went with cheap beer because I was craving a Miller Lite (sometimes that just happens), but they have a pretty decent beer selection.



Since they were also on special, we decided we’d start with an appetizer of nachos.


The cheese sauce on the nachos was a little strange. It sort of tasted like it had been mixed from a powder. But everything else about them was delicious! And whoever came up with the idea to put slaw on BBQ nachos is a genius.

Since the nachos were pretty sizable, we decided just to share on entree. We went with the Build A Platter Combo with beef brisket, ribs, potato salad, and baked beans. It also came with a piece of cornbread.


It was actually a pretty absurd amount of food. And despite how delicious it all was, we could only finish about half of it between the two of us. The brisket was super tender and the ribs really flavorful, and huge! The potato salad hit the spot and added a nice cool element to the meal. The baked beans were delicious, nice and sweet. The other bonus was the 3 types of BBQ sauce on the bar in front of us. They had a NC vinegar style, a memphis vinegar style, and a classic sweeter BBQ. I like being able to choose, and take different bites with different sauces.

The food was great, the atmosphere really nice, and the server/ bartender was pretty fantastic. I can’t believe it took us so long to eat there. I’m pretty excited to go back.

  • Favorite thing I had: Everything was good, and it was exactly what I wanted. My fave was probably the baked beans. And the NC and Memphis-styled BBQ sauces.
  • Favorite thing she had:  The potato salad
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The pulled pork! Well, we had it on the nachoes, but next time I’m craving a pulled pork sandwich, that’s it. the sausage also sounded good
  • What makes this place stand out: I wasn’t expecting such a nice, huge, fully stocked bar in a fast casual setting. This could double as a neighborhood bar! All that was missing was a cocktail menu. OH! I almost forgot! Since they’re connected, you can also order from Holy Cow’s menu from the bar there. Burgers or BBQ, take your pick!
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): Probably monthly in the lunch/ dinner rotation. It’s a good, affordable option.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Dairy Godmother would be our usual destination.

From The Farmer (DC)

I’ve been causally researching CSA’s for a couple of years now. I looked at pretty much every option in the area, but could never justify the cost or commit to the pick-up day or location. And what if we got a box with a whole bunch of stuff we didn’t care for? Sure, I could keep trying, but I just don’t think I’m cut out to like beets. They taste like dirt. I thought maybe I just wasn’t ever going to be a person who had a box of produce from local farms, set aside just for me. Then I found From the Farmer.

It seemed to do away with pretty much every barrier that had stopped me before. You can order 3 different sizes of baskets- half bushel, full, or double. There’s no commitment, it’s relatively cheap, and you can pause it from week to week. To top it all off, it is delivered to your door between midnight and 7am. Done and done.

I signed us up for the half bushel for $35 per week. Unfortunately the e-mail the sent me a couple days before my delivery day told me that the first week’s basket had radishes AND beets, so I skipped it. There is a way to customize the bag. I could have skipped out on a thing or two and asked for more of another, but it just wasn’t a good combination of things for us. The next week looked more promising and so we went light on our weekend grocery trip and prepared ourselves for produce at our door!

I hopped out of bed Wednesday morning and ran downstairs to check for the red bag. As if magic, it was there. I brought it up and pulled everything out. It felt a little bit like Christmas, even thought I knew what was coming.





We had apples, strawberries, arugula, spinach, button mushrooms, asparagus, and collard greens. It felt sort of like getting my very own Chopped basket (except awesome). I put all the produce away and the wheels in my head started spinning with what to do with all of this so that none of it went to waste.

I immediately chopped up some of the perfectly ripe strawberries and threw them into greek yogurt for breakfast. I also packed one of the apples and some peanut butter for a snack. The rest of it would have to wait while I did some research for recipes.

I decided on mushroom, spinach, and turkey sausage crustless quiche (I had enough mushrooms and spinach for two of them), I made an asparagus and arugula salad and collard greens with bacon and onions. The apples and strawberries were enjoyed on their own.

I was a little nervous that we wouldn’t be able to use all the stuff before it went bad. We got the bag Wednesday morning and I didn’t get around to cooking most of the stuff until Thursday evening. I had to toss a couple of the mushrooms and about half of the arugula was too wilted to use, but other than that, it all kept for that amount of time. I’m not sure if it all really was more tasty than the stuff you get at a traditional grocery store or if it was all in my head, but it was all really excellent. I’m pretty excited to keep up with it and eat more locally and seasonally.

  • How often I order a basket: I don’t know if we’ll be able to afford every week, but I think for the time being, if it’s a bag with mostly stuff we like, we’ll keep it up. Especially since we proved this week that we can consume most of it in time.
  • My favorite thing about it: That it comes to my door! And that I’m finally eating seasonally and locally. Something I’ve been meaning to do but have been too lazy to do so.
  • Why you should try it: Because it’s easy! And affordable! And just all around awesome.

Nicecream Factory (Clarendon)

I heard  buzzing about Nicecream Factory on Twitter. Ice cream made while you wait, liquid nitrogen style? Awesome! Then I read the article on Best Bites Blog and knew that I had to check it out on my Friday off from work. I e-mailed the owners and told them about the blog and that I wanted to come in, check it out, and write it up. Sandra, one of the two co-owners wrote back and was as friendly as could be. Sold.

So, I headed over to Clarendon, had some lunch at Pete’s Apizza, and headed just a block south to Nicecream Factory. Sandra wasn’t there, but her business partner, Gil, was. I introduced myself to him and we chatted. He told me about how he and Sandra heard about making ice cream with liquid nitrogen and played around with it at home. When they looked into how to make ice cream, apparently it often starts with a paste. So they ordered the paste and were grossed out. Instead they opted to go all natural, with local cream and other local ingredients. They started selling at Farmer’s Markets about a year ago and then decided to take it brick and mortar.


I had a hard time deciding which flavor I wanted, but I decided on Chocolate Sea Salt.  Gil told me about how Sandra is the sweets person and that he is a more savory guy, so they have plenty of sweet and savory flavors in their rotation. Besides Chocolate Sea Salt, they also have caramel pretzel and chocolate bacon. (Can’t wait to try those!) He walked me through the process while he made my ice cream. They make the favors with only fresh ingredients. The ice cream is made instantly before they hand it to you, so there’s no need to add preservatives. They throw the flavor and cream (and a little bit of milk) into the mixer bowl and mix until just combined.


And then the fun part! They add the liquid nitrogen and let it go about about 60 seconds until it’s ice cream. This is awesome to watch. As soon as the liquid nitrogen is poured in, there’s a giant cold cloud of steam? that floats out. Like a witch’s cauldron.



Since there’s minimal churning between liquid stage and ice cream stage, there’s not a lot of air in the ice cream, so like gelato, it’s very dense and rich.


Gil handed me the ice cream and since there was no one else in the shop, he sat down with me to chat some more. The ice cream was decadent, almost like fudge. With just a tiny hint of salt to cut the sweetness. It was perfect. I asked him about their soft opening week and what kind of turnout they had been having. It sounded like they had been getting good foot traffic and lots of exposure from the recent articles. He told me about how when they were just doing pop-ups, they’d order 20 gallons of cream for a weekend but for their Grand Opening, they ordered 101. I have a feeling with that location and the upcoming summer, they’re going to be needing way more than that.

I let Gil get back to work prepping for their Grand Opening and told him I’d be back later in the weekend with the lady so she could give it a try as well. I had planned to pop in for the Grand Opening, but instead, the lady and I went back for dessert that same evening.  She ordered the pistachio- which is made with pistachio butter(!).


Yum! I feel sort of bad because I ate about half of the lady’s ice cream. I just couldn’t help myself! It was SO GOOD. We’ll definitely be back to try more.

Beyond just enjoying putting tasty things into my face, and loving supporting local business, I’m discovering that I also really like supporting places run by friendly people. It’s fun to connect with the people who are coming up with and executing such awesome ideas and learning more about the businesses. That’s definitely been one unexpected perk of writing this blog.

  • Favorite flavor I had: The chocolate sea salt was decadent and almost like fudge, but I think her pistachio was a little better.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The strawberry basil sounded excellent. It also sounds like they’re going to have some nice sweet/savory flavors in their rotation.
  • What makes this place stand out: As far as I know, it’s the first liquid nitrogen ice cream place in the area! And I’m pretty sure that it’s going to become the next froyo/cupcake/donut.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions)I have a feeling we’re going to end up there on the regular. I might use that as an excuse to start exploring Clarendon for the blog.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Anywhere in Clarendon. You could hit dinner at Pete’s Apizza, Cava Mezze, or Fuego, and then get ice cream for dessert!

Bourbon (Glover Park)

Bourbon made it on the to-try list by recommendation of P. I had been to the Adams Morgan location for his birthday, but had never had more than a couple of beers. Upon creation of the blog, he insisted it go on the list and that we check it out. So, when we finally got around to setting up a double date night with P and his boyfriend, that’s where we headed. The lady and I decided to go over a little early to grab a couple of drinks before dinner. She went with the Manhattan w/ Four Roses and I went with the Scottish Summer (Scotch, basil, strawberry, lemon, simple syrup, and ginger beer)

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

The Scottish Summer was not quite as delightful as all those flavors sounded together. I think the bartender went a little heavy on the lemon juice and neglected the sweeter elements that would have helped balance it out. The Manhattan was excellent. P and his boyfriend showed up and we ordered another round. This time I went with a Pimms Cup and the lady stuck with her Manhattan. P went with a beer (Great Lakes, like a good Clevelander) and his boyfriend went with an Old Fashioned.

We sat and chatted for a bit and conferred that this was where we wanted to have dinner. So we moved to the corner of the bar, where we would be sitting less in a straight line. We would have loved to sit outside, but there were no seats available and a threat of rain. I think we were there during the changing of a shift, so it took a little while to get attention to order food. At that point, we were super hungry and feeling our drinks, so we ordered some wings.

photo 4

They hit the spot. Very flavorful and juicy. The way wings should be. For dinner, I decided on the BBQ salmon and everyone else went with sandwiches. (The Turkey Jack, the Chicken Cuban, and the Beer Battered Pork (B.P.T))

photo 5

photo 2

photo 1

I think the sandwiches fell in the “pretty good” category. The potato chips served with the sandwiches were really good though. I keep reaching over and stealing them from the lady. The salmon was excellent. The BBQ was tasty and it was cooked just right. I was pleasantly surprised to get such good salmon from a bar. So, overall, not a bad experience. I’d really like to try the Scottish Summer again to see if it’s actually a better drink if made by another bartender. The Manhattans were good enough, I’m sure the lady will insist we go back.

  • Favorite thing I had: The salmon. It was cooked perfectly. And the wings were really good.
  • Favorite thing she had:  The Manhattan w/ Four Roses Yellow Label and the Old Bay chips that came with her sandwich.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The lamb burger or the steak salad. The brunch menu looks pretty good.
  • What makes this place stand out: The whole wall behind the bar is just covered in bottles of bourbon and whiskey. It was really nice to look at. And tasty to drink, as well.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions)We would probably stop by here for a drink before or after dinner next time we’re in Glover Park.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): We went over to see our friends at Arcuri for a night cap