PhoWheeLs Food Truck (DC)


All photos courtesy of my coworker and blogger, C, and her fancy new camera.

The co-workers (C and S) and I first saw PhoWheeLs parked on K St. in Georgetown just a few weeks ago. None of us had eaten there, but the rare sighting of a food truck in Georgetown was enough to pique our interest. We had all already had lunch that day, so we went back to the office and looked it up for future reference. The offerings of pho, tacos, and banh mi sold us for next time (it was the pictures on the website that did it for me). We’ve been keeping our eyes on their Twitter and just waiting for them to come back to us. Well, the day finally came. And just as if they knew we were waiting for them, they parked DIRECTLY beside our building. We walked out to grab our lunch at about 11:45 and there were about 4 people in line in front of us. This gave us just enough time to scope the menu and make the hard decision between the 3 choices. I settled on the chicken tacos, C went for the pork belly bahn mi with fried egg and S went for the chicken bahn mi with fried egg (pictured in that order below).







Since we ordered one at a time, mine came out first. And the tacos looked so good, it took everything I had in me to wait for C to get a picture of them before I demolished them. As soon as the picture was snapped, I dug in, right there on the sidewalk. I somehow was able to resist eating both of them right there and we headed down to the water front to enjoy our meal in the sorta sun. They both reported that their sandwiches were as equally as delicious as my tacos, and we can’t wait to see PhoWheeLs in our neighborhood again!

Favorite thing I had: Those chicken tacos were AMAZING. After I finished, I really just wanted to order them all over again. But I was stuffed.
Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The Pork belly Banh Mi! I’ll try the Pho sometime when it’s a bit cooler out.
What makes this truck stand out: I’m pretty new to food trucks, but the food was damn good. And the name is punny and fun to say.
How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): The next time they’re in Georgetown! Actually, I might actually walk to the West End if they happened to be parked there on a day when I needed to buy lunch.