Pinstripes (DC)

News of Pinstripes opening in Georgetown was met with quite a bit of excitement from me and my co-workers. It is dubbed as a Bowling, Bocce, and Italian Bistro and it’s unlike anything else in the neighborhood. My excitement came from the fact that I love bowling. I grew up in a bowling alley. My mom worked in one while she was pregnant with me. So, I practiced walking down the long carpeted area perpendicular to the lanes and was bowling with bumpers as soon as I was able to stand and roll a ball. The smell of the wax on the lanes sort of calls me back to my childhood.

So, finding out that there was a bowling alley opening up so close to me, rather than far out in the suburbs, was really exciting. I know there are other bowling alleys in the city, but they’re so terribly over-priced. I was a little bit apprehensive about the price of this place, but had high hopes that it would be affordable. And even if bowling was pricey, at least it was a new place to get a meal or a drink. I’ve worked in this neighborhood for almost 6 years, so new stuff is exciting!


When it opened, I scoured the website to get all the details. I was pleasantly surprised that bowling and shoe rental was reasonably priced, that they had a bunch of DC beers on tap, and decent happy hour specials. Sold! The lady and I planned a date night there shortly after it opened, but it ended up being a snow day. So, the first time I got in there was for my work department’s belated holiday party. We walked into the expansive space and were quickly swooped up to one of the many dining rooms upstairs. They had a buffet set up for us. Salad, pasta salads, meats, sliders, flatbread pizzas, and a whole table of desserts. I tried to be good, but I know I visited that buffet at least 3 times and also had a really messy, passionate affair with the dessert table. To stop myself from having to rolled out of there, I moved onto the bowling portion of our party. The bowling alley is downstairs, in the far back corner of the space. You walk past the 3 or 4 bocce lanes to get to it. You pick up bowling shoes (and complimentary socks!), and head into the bowling lanes. I was a bit surprised how small the bowling area was, but they have 12-14 lanes. The best part were the couches and coffee tables in the bowling waiting area. No plastic, molded seats here. It was quite cozy. They also had servers wandering around getting us drinks.

I went back just recently with a friend for lunch to take advantage of their “Lunch on the Fly” deal. We both ordered the bottomless soup and salad. I got the Tomato basil and he got the Chicken and dumpling soup. It was an unseasonably chilly day, so the warm soup was a treat. We reached the bottom of our bottomless only one salad and a bowl and a half of soup in, but still felt ok with it. I blame the bread and pesto that they bring as a started for filling me up. When discussing the feeling of the place, my lunch date described it as he “felt like we drove here in a minivan and parked in a parking lot.” It does have a bit of a suburban feel to it, but I certainly welcome it to Georgetown.

  • Favorite thing I had: The tomato basil soup. I had been craving tomato soup the day before, so that was perfect.
  • Most interesting thing I want to try next time: The fig and prosciutto flat bread is on my radar.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): This will probably be a once per month or so lunch option. Might end up on the post work happy hour rotation. Or long lunch bowling adventure every now and then.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): Shopping in Georgetown. Frye is right next door if you want some expensive, but quality shoes and Banana Republic just at the top of the block.

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