Favorite Friday: Baked and Wired (DC)

Rather than just reviewing the new things I’m trying, I think I owe it to the places I’ve already discovered and love, to talk about them too. This is my new Friday feature: Favorite Friday. I think it is only appropriate that Baked and Wired be my first Favorites post.

I’ve worked just down the block from Baked and Wired (more affectionately called “Baked”) for 5.5 years and have been in love with it since I had my very first cupcake there. Our relationship started with a lot of passion, I was going there at least weekly. This in combination with just having started my desk-job-life definitely put a few pounds on me (I mean, what? There are no calories in anything there!) So I had to cool it a bit, but even almost 6 years later, Baked is my go-to anytime I want a treat, someone needs a birthday cupcake (they sell candles too), to celebrate a promotion, anniversary, whatever the occasion. They have every (creative) flavor of cupcake you could ever dream up, as well as various and assorted other delightful baked goods. It’s less in my wheelhouse, but they also have really great coffee and espresso. I just like a good latte and theirs hits the spot.

  • What I usually order: Well, it depends. Most often, I just go for the iced tea (Persian Nectar, most often). When I need a pick me up, a latte. When I want a treat, THE STRAWBERRY CUPCAKE. Oh my god. SO GOOD.
  • What she misses (the lady used to work right across the street and still swoons when I mention it): The lattes and the pecan bars.
  • Why I keep going back: This is the best damn cupcake in DC. Forget Georgetown Cupcake. Screw Sprinkles. When people ask about the best cupcake in DC, Baked and Wired is the only answer.
  • Thing I still haven’t tried yet: Ice Cream sandwiches! (I’ll have to check that out when DC finally thaws from this epic winter.)
  • Fun things about this place: The chalkboard art, puns (weed puns!), and riddles on the sandwich board outside. The pink bike also chained up outside. The big colorful mural on the coffee side. Even though word has gotten out and they’re fairly busy all the time, it still feels like a neighborhood spot and they take time to get to know you.

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