Southern Efficiency (DC)


When I first heard about this string of bars (This one in addition to Mockingbird Hill and Eat The Rich) recently opened on 7th St. NW in Shaw, I was skeptical. It seemed silly to me to open a whole bar dedicated to a couple of products. Despite this skepticism, my lady’s love for whiskey and southern food (who doesn’t love southern food?) landed us here on one of our weekly date nights. I was surprised by the simplicity of the decor and the longer I sat at the bar, the more small details I noticed. The space is small and cozy and was almost totally empty at 5pm. Not being a huge whiskey fan myself, I settled on one of the cocktails. Plenty of other mixers to change the flavor of the whiskey. I believe I went with one that included apple cider (this was back at the end of January). The cocktails listed on the menu come pre-made in a jar with a lid. Quite charming. For food I went for the Blue Catfish and the lady went for the pulled pork sandwich. I knew both were excellent when we stopped talking almost completely while we were eating. For her second drink, the lady ordered an Old Fashioned made with Bulleit. This drink is the entire reason I’m writing this review. It was the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever tried, and I don’t tend to care for them. We’d go back just for that, but luckily, there are a couple other things on the menu I want to return to.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the limited product bar concept, but I’m intrigued.

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  • Favorite thing I’ve had: The blue catfish with grits hit the southern-food-loving spot.
  • Favorite thing she had: Old Fashioned with Bulleit
  •  Most interesting thing I want to try next time: I’ve heard good things about the Peanut Soup. The Bourbon balls for dessert!
  • What makes this place stand out: Whiskey. The selection, the display, the knowledgeable bartenders.
  • How soon I’d go back (tomorrow/next week/next month/special occasions): Next month – 6 months from now. Next time the lady has a hankering for that Old Fashioned.
  • Places to go afterward (what’s nearby): There’s a high concentration of things within a couple of blocks: Right Proper, All Souls, a show at 9:30 club.

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